Hanwha Systems specializes in avionics systems with strong in-house R&D capabilities for avionics device development and system integration
Our products provide solutions optimized for each different type of aircrafts with different missions, such as attacker, reconnaissance plane and cargo plane. Its main avionics product lineups include mission sensor, mission computers, displays and survival systems to assure survivability of aircrafts and crews.
Recognized for our mission/display integration capabilities, We were awarded with KF21(Korean Fighter eXperimental) Program. We are applying its core ISR technologies in electro-optics and radar area to avionics development, enhancing the competitive edge of Korea’s avionics technology.
In addition, we are developing hyper-connectivity technology, which would enable manned aircraft to control unmanned aircraft in order to maximize the effects of air operation. Furthermore, we are making all-out efforts to develop cutting-edge, the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies such as AI, big data, VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), super-speed mobile communications, to help the future combatants maintain the best fighting power in the future space battlefields.

  • Core components to play the role of
    brain for KF-21
  • Core components for LAH
  • Technical solutions implemented
    thru airplane mission system
항공 제품 연혁 : 1994년 KF-16, 1998년 KT-1 / RQ-101 UAV, 2000년 UH-60 & CH-47, 2006년 KUH, 2007년 KF-16 / T-50 & TA-50, 2010년 중고도 UAV / 사단급 UAV, 2015년 LAH, 2016년 KF-21


  • KF-21 AESA Radar Development and System Integration

  • LAH(Light Armed Helicopter) TADS(Target Acquisition Designation System)

Main Facilities

  • 첨단 레이다시험장
    High-tech Radar Test Site
    • Antenna Measurement and Testing
  • 레이다 대형 능동형 안테나 근접전계 챔버
    Near Field Chamber for Radar & Large sized Active Antenna
    • Active & passive antenna pattern tests (High power radiation test can be performed)
  • AESA Roof Lab 시험장
    AESA Roof Lab Test Site
    • Established the testing facilities to verify radar performance under Radome environment
    • Supports simulated and actual target surveillance and tracking as well as OFP verification