KUH(Korean Utility Helicopter)

KUH is a locally developed multi-purpose utility helicopter. For KUH Program, Hanwha Systems successfully developed and provided FLIR, an electro-optical system for reconnaissance mission; LWR, an electronic warfare system that assures survivability of platform and pilots; and CDU, data input and display unit.
For the stable operation of ROK Army’s weapon systems, Hanwha Systems has been providing high quality products in a timely manner as well as follow-on ILS supports throughout the product lifecycle.
Going forward, we will continuously secure core avionics technologies to upgrade its products and expand the scope of participation further.

한국형 기동헬기(KUH)


  • FLIR

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    (Forward Looking Infrared)

    전방관측적외선장비(FLIR) 제품
    Provides stable infrared images at night and/or under limited weather conditions.
    Equipped with geo-pointing and target observation and tracking functions to maximize the pilot’s mission performance capabilities.
  • CDU

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    (Control Display Unit)

    통제시현장치(CDU) 제품
    Mounted on the central console of cockpit, CDU provides data input and displays concerning flight and mission information.
    Provides transmission/reception of pilot input information and self-diagnosis information, selection of communication frequency/navigation data, input and display, and Korean character, or Hangul, input function.
    This unit is a highly reliable air platform display, applicable to civilian aircrafts also.
  • LWR

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    (Laser Warning Receiver)

    레이저 경보수신기(LWR) 제품
    Detects laser signals emanating from the adversary’s laser weapon systems and transmits the threat information to aircraft survival system. Has alarm function based on the interfaces with laser threat identification(LRF/LTD/LBR), laser direction finder and survival management computer.