Hanwha Systems has the unrivaled track records and capabilities in Korea’s military communication area, leading the development of future military communication networks.
Hanwha Systems is solidifying its leading position in CDL, by simultaneously performing TICN System Program, the subscriber based mobile communication system, and the next generation military communication system program, which will provide backbone networks for military satellite communication.
The future battled field concept is being transformed into network-centric warfare in which all army, navy and air forces’ weapon systems are connected by communication networks and all battlefield situations are shared real time to enable integrated command and control via networks. We will continuously provide the optimized solutions for the future battlefield environment by using our cutting-edge defense technologies in TICN and satellite communications fields.

  • Aiming for building on-the move
    C2 systems by using mobile
    communication technologies
  • Simultaneous fielding of TICN
    and MILSATCOM-II Systems
  • Network based system connecting
    army, navy, air and space forces to
    provide total solutions optimized for
    the future battlefield environment
통신 제품군
What is military communication?


  • Way forward for C5I System Development

  • Next Generation Tactical Mobile Communication System