Hanwha Systems is leading the most sophisticated radar development to defend the territory of ROK.
Hanwha Systems has the MFR technology applied to land, or naval or air defense systems. Now our engineers are working on the development of the AESA(Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar, which will be mounted onto the 4.5 generation KFX. We have the capability to develop the world’s top-class radar independently in terms of both hardware and software aspects.
The recent radar technology trend is to build digital MFR radar which applies software technology supporting optimized, multiple functions as well as frequency band based-standardized hardware technology. In line with this trend, Hanwha Systems is making all-out efforts to develop the most sophisticated digital radar which will be used for future weapon systems including KDDX(Korea Next Generation Destroyer), etc.

레이다 제품군
What is radar?


  • Radar Development Status

  • KF-X AESA Radar Development and System Integration

Main Facilities

  • State-of-the-Art Radar Test Site
    • Antenna Assessment and Test
  • Near Field Measurement Chamber for
    Large-sized Active Type Antenna
    • Active, passive type antenna pattern test(high power emanation testing can be done.)
  • AESA Roof Lab Test Site
    • Provides the testing site to verify radar performances under Radome environment.
    • Search and tracking of simulation or actual targets. Available for OFP verification tests.