IEPS(Integrated Electronics Platform System)

For more than 30 years, Hanwha Systems has developed and provided fire control systems for maneuvering, firing and air defense weapon systems such as K2 Tank, K21 Armored Vehicle, K9 Self-propelled Howitzer and 30mm AAGW(Anti-Aircraft Gun Wheeled Vehicle). Based on such experience and technologies, Hanwha Systems is developing fire control system for new weapon systems like AUDS(Anti-UAV Defense System) lasers, etc.

과거: 개별 임무를 위한 독립된 시스템에서, 현재: 통합전장시스템 기반 정보 공유 시스템으로(이더넷 기반, DDS, 표준 데이터 모델 적용)

Evolution of IEPS(Integrated Electronic Platform System)

1990년:M48, 1999년:K30·사격통제시스템, 2005년~:K2·K21·사격통제시스템, 2010년~: K9A1·차륜형대공포·사격통제시스템, 2018년~현재: ASLAND-400IFV·KAAV-Ⅱ·통합전장시스템


  • Central Data Processing

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    Central Data Processing Computer

    중앙컴퓨터 제품
    • System and user authentication management.
    • Main data storing
    • Virtual server
  • Video Streaming Device

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    Video Streaming Device

    비디오스트리밍장치 제품
    • 360 ° situation awareness
    • Real-time panoramic image composting
    • AI-based surveillance and identification
  • Multi-Function Display

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    Multi-Function Display

    다기능전시기 제품
    • Open, standard architecture based Multi-Function Display
    • Distributed system control and display thru information sharing
    • Virtual client
  • Condition Monitoring

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    Condition Monitoring System

    상태감시시스템 제품
    • Real time collection of vehicle condition information
    • Analysis of condition information and failure prediction
    • Transmission of collected information to the server