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Ethical Management

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Ethical Standards

Ethical Management of the ICT Division of Hanwha Systems

The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems prefers the fair organization culture suitable to the social norm and purpose by reflecting the sound ethical expectation and value demanded by our society in case of making a corporate decision and by clarifying the legal responsibility. It is the unique and right way of receiving the steady trust from the customer and the respect from the society. Hanwha Systems reestablishes the challenge and value for growth and realizes the corporate management suitable to the global standard accordingly.


Basic Concept-Hanwha Systems Fulfilling Ethical Management
Ethical decision criteria and voluntary practice tools are provided for all officers and staffs to actively respond to the issues to be handled socially and legally and perform the voluntary realization function. Furthermore, it is recommended to all the partners doing business with Hanwha systems for fully taking the social responsibility and for fulfilling the corporate ethical management resulting in becoming Hanwha Systems recognized globally.
Pursued Value-The Value of Growing Together and the Further Value
All constituting the society and the company including the company stakeholders of customers, shareholders, officers and staffs, partner companies, and the regional society grow together, share the value, and see the future through the understanding of coexistence.
Application Targets
All officers and staffs sharing the value with Hanwha systems and the employees of all the partner companies and agencies doing business with Hanwha systems


Chapter 1 Customer

Customer Respect:
Communication with the customer is the most important with the steady respect to the customer. The thought and act are always done from the customer’s standpoint. All customers are treated equally.
Promise with the Customer
The first step to the successful credit management is the promise with the customer. The promise with the customer must be kept with the honest response. Customer conveniences and opinions are considered carefully with the best effort on resolving them.
Customer Protection
The best effort is made to protect the customer property, information, and safety and keep the rights and interests.

Chapter 2 Shareholder (Company)

Joint Development with Shareholders
The effort is made for the joint development with shareholders by understanding the mind of shareholders and by doing the reasonable management activity.
Guarantee of Shareholder Rights and Interests
The sound corporate environment is maintained to ensure the investment profit of shareholders by having priority over the enhancement of the shareholder value and by running a strong business and realizing the stable profit. The personal information of shareholders is not disclosed to the outside or is not used for the private benefit.
Respect of Shareholder Opinions
Communication with shareholders is done steadily, and the requests, proposals, and official decisions of shareholders are respected. In order to realize the shareholder values, the best effort is made to do the transparent business and secure the reliability.

Chapter 3 Partner Companies

Transparency of Partner Company Selection
The fair and just opportunities are the necessary factors to make the sound and healthy corporate environment. Above all things, the interests of a specific individual should not be involved.
Equal and Fair Footing:
The influence on the specific matter shouldn’t be exercised with the relative superior status, and the unfair pressure or influence is not exerted.
Pursuit of Mutual Development
In order to have social responsibility and advance to the sustainable future together, partnership is pursued on the basis of the mutual understanding and trust.

Chapter 4 Members of the Nation and the Regional Community

Legal Compliance:
The various regulations of all nations and regional societies are observed. International conventions and the regulations on corruption prevention are observed. The agreement on violating the fair competition is not concluded or proposed.
Environment Preservation:
The eco-friendly management is done.
Social Contribution
The contribution to promoting the national defense and development is made with the technology development and the perfect quality assurance. The role and duty demanded by the society are performed sincerely with the joint development pursued through the coordination cooperation with the regional community.

Chapter 5 Basic Ethics of Officers and Staffs

Honor and Dignity Maintenance
They are the company foundations internally and the company representatives externally. They keep the honor and dignity of the ICT Division of Hanwha Systems with the proper clothes and conduct and the formal language use to comply with the globally recognized etiquette.
Definite Separation of public and Private Matters
Self-interest is not taken for the status and advancement of an individual. Company properties, facilities, and equipment are not used for the private purpose. The company profit is considered first for doing the work. Any money, entertainment, favor, and convenience are not received from the interest party.
They make and do their work by themselves with the sympathy with the corporate management philosophy, goal, and value and with the sincere performance of their duties. Moreover, they emphasize their active decision-making and propulsion and respond to any problem with the owner spirit through forecasting and managing the possible risk anytime.
Sound Colleagueship
A senior considers and cultivates a junior with trust, and a junior respects, trusts, and follow a senior. The acts of the undue work order, segregation, and sexual harassment done toward the junior staff are not allowed. School relations, kinship, and regionalism are sublated.
Information Protection and Management
Stability, security, and IT technological prowess are the important factors constituting the company in the modern society. Hence, the company secrets are the national secrets too. All of them recognize and realize it for the perfect protection and management. Moreover, the information acquired during work is not leaked to the outside.
Noninvolvement in Politics
The political rights of the individual officer or staff are respected. However, an officer or a staff of the ICT Division of Hanwha Systems is not allowed to involve in politics. The company organization, manpower, and property are not used politically, and the direct or indirect illegal contribution or expense is not provided for any candidate in the election or the political party.

Compliance Management

Compliance Program-CP The comprehensive systematic support system for the voluntary compliance with the regulations

It is the key means for protecting the company, officers and staffs, shareholders, and customers by complying with the regulations related to the fair trade to prevent legal risk factors and minimize the damage and is the key program on fulfilling the ethical management for voluntarily observing the relevant regulations and for protecting the business ethics.

Introduction Background and Necessity

As the part of creating the atmosphere of the fair competition environment for the international trade and the sound management environment, the ICT Division of Hanwha Systems gives the compliance program to protect the company, officers and staffs, shareholders, and customers from the various legal risks and to settle down the relevant legal culture.


Officers and staffs fully comply with the relevant regulations during the performance of the individual work. It is the pre-preventive, usual, and integrated system and activity by minimizing or preventing many risk factors threatening the corporate activity.

Promotion Goal

The damage to the company is prevented with the officers and staffs protected by preventing the violation of relevant regulations and by protecting officers and staffs so that the voluntary compliance management is ensured, and the sustainable management environment trusted by the customer is to be built. It is the activity of creating the integrated value for contributing to the sustainable society.

Compliance Management Target

Fair trade
sexual harassment
Protection of
Protection of
military secret
Protection of
trade secret

Implementation Process of Compliance Program

  1. Preventive Management Preventive management of any compliance risk
    (induce mindset through compliance education)
  2. Review & Monitoring Conduct regular review
    and monitoringof compliance risks
  3. Follow-up Management Check issues regarding compliance management and measures taken
    for areas of improvement


Report Type

  • Hanwha Systems’(officer’s or staff’s) act of violating the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act and the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act
  • Officer’s or staff’s act of ordering, joining, or tolerating the act of violating the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act and the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act
  • Officer’s or staff’s double jobs
  • Officer’s or staff’s act of embezzling the public money and taking a bribe
  • Officer’s or staff’s act of doing work unduly
  • The act of seriously violating other regulations and the act of violating the company regulations
  • Undue participation in the unlisted account
  • The fact of requesting or providing money or entertainment
  • Demoralization caused by sexual harassment
  • Other matters violating the ethical standards

Report Management

If the report on violating the ethical management is received, priority is given to the prompt and correct processing. The processing result is notified by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.
Leave the contact information for a separate inquiry or response.
The personal affairs, reports, and secrets of the reporter are protected completely. The report should be submitted by the real name as a rule.

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