DUAV(Division Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Reconnaissance UAV operated by division level units. This UAV was developed based on Korea’s indigenous technology.
By using its in-house high technology, Hanwha Systems successfully completed the development of high resolution EOTS and Datalink, which is capable of high speed transmission of big volume data. We will continuously secure core avionics technologies to upgrade the performance of our products and to enlarge the scope for the future program participation.

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  • EOTS

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    (Electro-Optical Targeting System)

    전자광학추적장비(EOTS) 제품
    Mounted on brigade level UAV, EOTS is a small-sized/light weight electro-optics tracking device that performs such functions as EO·IR image acquisition, automatic tracking and range finding of the targets in the area of interest. It provides high-resolution images of ground targets located several kilometers away.
  • Datalink

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    데이터링크(Datalink) 제품
    Datalink is a wireless system that transmits image/status information collected by brigade-level UAV to the ground station and returns the ground station’s control/command messages to UAV for operation controls. Datalink is a key system that supports high speed, secure transmission of image data feed from the mission critical devices.