Based on more than 40 years of experience in ISR development and accumulated technology, we have been able to offer the customers differentiated values and superb electro-optics products that have been recognized as having the best technology in Korea.
Starting with the land-based optronics products such as K21, K2, TAS-815, TAS-1, etc., Hanwha Systems is offering air platform optronics including KF-21 EOTGP, IRST, etc. Also, We are leading the optronics development for satellite applications now.
Optronics devices are expected to play the roles of eyes and brains for the future weapons systems such as drone systems, unmanned systems and laser weapon systems. In line with this trend, Hanwha Systems will fully utilize its existing technologies to secure future defense technologies as well as new technologies relevant in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era.

전자광학 제품군
What is electro-optics?


  • Quantum Eye

  • Space Object Precision Tracking System

Clean Room

  • Hanwha Systems set up the environment for development,
    test and evaluations for satellite payloads.
    • Detector features tests
    • System function tests
    • Image correction
    • Cleanness : 1,000 Class
    • Dimension : 20m x 10m x 4.5m