CUAV(Corps Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Mid-to-high altitude reconnaissance UAV to be operated by corps level units. This UAV is being developed by using Korea’s indigenous technology.
Based on the up-to-date in-house technologies, Hanwha Systems is developing datalink devices that can make high speed transmission of big volume data. We will not only successfully complete the device development to the satisfaction of ROK Force’s requirements, but also manufacture and provide good quality products in a timely manner.
As MND is planning for PIP of CUAV to promote continued progress of avionics technology, we are trying to expand the scope of our participation for the program to include optronics, etc. in addition to the current datalink product.

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  • Datalink

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    데이터링크(Datalink) 제품
    Mounted on CUAV, this datalink system transmits ground control system’s control/command messages to UAV and receives image/status information collected by UAV sensors, thus configuring a robust datalink. This system provides high-speed, secure transmission of large volume image data feed as well as command/control data.