LAH(Light Armed Helicopter)

For the indigenous development of Light Armed Helicopter Program, Hanwha Systems is developing and providing key components including TADS(Target Acquisition Designation System), electro-optics system supporting reconnaissance and strike mission; RWR and LWR, electronic warfare systems to assure survivability of air platform and pilots; tactical communication data link(KVMF), displays(SMFD, SCDU), intercoms (AIU), etc.
Based on the program experience and technologies acquired, We will provide custom-tailored solutions for the future helicopter PIP projects to support the operations of ROK military and overseas customers alike.


  • KVMF

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    (Korean Variable Message Format Data Link Processor)

    지상전술데이터링크 처리기(KVMF DLP) 제품
    Displays battlefield situation information including friend and foe information on the military standard map on a real time basis to render battlefield situation awareness. Shares tactical information with ATCIS(ground C4I system) and B2CS (Battalion and Below Command System) in support of effective operations of ground weapon systems.
    • ATCIS: Army Tactical Command Information System
    • B2CS: Battalion and Below Command and Communication System
  • AIU

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    (Audio Interface Unit)

    음성접속장치(AIU) 제품
    Provides external communications via radios, internal communications between the users and interface with navigation audio, etc. By receiving switch information of internal call interface control panel, AIU can control communication functions such as call reception and volume adjustment.
    Provides radio audio control, voice warning message, tone generation, helicopter-internal communication and communication with ground service persons. Has an excellent SNR performance.
    • Radio audio control function
    • Voice warning message, tone generation function
    • Helicopter-internal communication and communication with ground service persons
    • Excellent SNR(Signal-to-Noise)performance
  • SCDU

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    (Smart Control Display Unit)

    스마트 통제시현장치(SCDU) 제품
    SCDU is mounted on the central console of the cockpit to input and display flights and mission related information. In order to accommodate the user convenience, SCDU provides Korean character, or Hangul, input function.
    This unit’s functions include pilot input information and self-diagnosis information reception/transmission, communication frequency/navigation data selection, input and display. SCDU is a highly reliable air platform display, applicable to civilian aircrafts also.
    • Transmission/reception of pilot input information and self-diagnosis information
    • Communication frequency/navigation data selection, input and display
    • Korean character, or Hangul, input available for the users
  • SMFD

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    (Smart Multi-function Display)

    스마트 다기능시현기(SMFD) 제품
    SMFD is mounted on cockpit instrument panel to display flight and mission information. Provides in-built calculation and control functions, partly playing the role of the existing Mission Computer. Generates OpenGL Safety Critical-based images on its own. Generated images are sunlight readable.
    • OpenGL Safety Critical-based image generation
    • Avionics system control function
    • Sunlight readable images
  • RWR

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    (Radar Warning Receiver)

    레이다 경보수신기(RWR) 제품
    RWR is made up of two main components: i) radar warning receiving sensor which detects the radar signal emissions from adversary’s radar systems and transmits the threat information to aircraft’s survival systems, and ii)EWC(Electronic Warfare Computer) which provides integrated management of identified threats. RWR provides high precision direction finding information, close analysis and alert on radar threat signals, integrated identification of threat information, effective responses to them, control of survival equipment and integrated management thereof.
    Furthermore, based on the capabilities of aircraft’s integrated survival systems(radar threat response and integrated threat response system), RWC can be utilized for ELINT(Electronic Intelligence).
    • High precision direction finding information
    • Precise analysis of radar threat signals and alert
    • Integrated identification of threat information and effective response
    • Control and integrated management of survival equipment (LWR, MWR, CMDS, etc.)
  • TADS

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    (Target Acquisition Designation System)

    표적획득지시장비(TADS) 제품
    Detects, recognizes and identifies day and night targets in support of ground target strikes. Equipped with HD-level thermal and daytime cameras, laser ranger finder, laser guidance for missiles and laser tracker to trace laser guides. TADS is the key sensor for Armed Helicopter.
    Provides EO·IR(Electro-optics·Infrared) images for forward observation and target acquisition; image-based navigation using thermal images of optical clocks; interface with fire control systems; calculation of target coordinates; target distance calculation; guidance for guided missiles and automatic tracking. It can be converted to observation and reconnaissance purposes and operate on unmanned or fixed wing platforms.
    • EO·IR images for forward observation and target acquisition and designation.
    • Image-based navigation based on optical clock thermal images.
    • Interface with fire control systems, target coordinate calculations