Hanwha Systems is developing the core devices to be mounted on F-16, which include Tac-ElINT Pod, digital camera(ACCTVS), ASHM, etc.



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    (Tactical Electronic Intelligence POD)

    전술전자정보수집장비(TAC-ELINT POD) 제품
    As the trend of modern war evolves towards NCW(Network Centric Warfare), having a superior intelligence gathering capability is central to gaining the upper hand at war. In line with such trend, Hanwha Systems offers TAC-ELINT Pod, which is a locally developed device to help ROK Air Force enhance its intelligence and reconnaissance as well as its electronic warfare capabilities.
    TAC-ELINT is installed on RF-16 airplane, collecting and analyzing the most recent electronic information on a real time basis to be braced for the enemy’s electronic warfare threats. It is capable of detecting all radar threat electronic information with a high precision under the most complex radio environment.
    In addition, as it is able to locate objects by using precision direction finding, it can send all major firing data including the location coordinates of radar while flying. The threat information send to the ground station is subject to further analysis before being transmitted to other systems and used as an essential information for military operation.

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    (Aircraft Cockpit Color Television System)

    디지털카메라(ACCTVS) 제품
    ACCTVS is a digital camera that collects outside front sight images, generates video signals for the images thru digital signal processing and hands over the signals to Mission Computer.
  • ASHM

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    (After Seat HUD Monitor)

    후방석모니터(ASHM) 제품
    ASHM is a monitor to display various images and information for after seat pilot

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    (Tactical Air Navigation)

    군용항공기항법시스템(TACAN) 제품
    TACAN is an air navigation system to provide the current location information and navigation routes by exchanging signals with ground-based TACAN stations.