MUAV(Medium Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

MUAV is a reconnaissance UAV for mid-to-high altitude operations, which is currently under development with Korea’s indigenous technology. For MUAV, Hanwha Systems is developing electro-optics devices that can provide high-resolution visible-light and infrared images captured from long range/wide area or narrow area reconnaissance missions.
By taking advantage of its avionics technologies secured so far, Our engineers will successfully develop electro-optics devices to the full satisfaction of ROK Air Force’s requirements.

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  • EO·IR

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    전자광학장비(EO·IR) 제품
    Mission critical component for UAV. By surveying target areas located faraway thru wide area or narrow area reconnaissance missions, this device acquires visible light or infrared images of those areas, and transmits acquired image information thru no-loss compressed formats.
    Provides full HD high resolution images for long range targets located dozens of kilometers away.