MISS(Mobilized Integrated Surveillance System)

In order to maintain and further strengthen its leading positions in the future high-precision IRS area, Hanwha Systems has developed high-precision EO-IR sensors and AESA(Active Electronically Scanned Array) surveillance radars that play the role of “the eyes” for the weapon systems.

Now, by fully leveraging its industry-leading technology base as well as the new technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Hanwha Systems is focusing on the development of MISS(Mobilized Integrated Surveillance System) which will be capable of quickly and precisely detecting and identifying ground and air targets for the future ground warfare.

  • Short-range Ground & Air Defense
    Surveillance Radar
  • EO·IR Sensor-Applied High
    Resolution Image Observation
  • AI-based Target Surveillance and
  • Interface with Ground Tactical C4I
기동형 복합감시체계 - 지휘소, 정찰드론, 표적 탐지·식별


  • Short-Range
    Ground & Air Defense
    Surveillance Radar

  • Image (EO·IR)
    Observation Device

  • Reconnaissance

  • Control Device