Hanwha Systems

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Hanwha, the reliable global partner, embodies the innovative technology of Hanwha Systems.

Hanwha Systems is the representative company of the ROK ranging with the world-class companies in various business areas based on avionics and space, security and safety, and information systems service. Furthermore, it is positioned as the representative avionics, defense, and ICT specialty company of the nation as the member company of Hanwha Group possessing 320 or more global business bases. Hanwha Systems maintain the strong reliability and partnership with numerous global customers and is recognized as the global partner. Hanwha Systems provides the various service solutions based on the ICT technology such as advanced sensors and networks.

Hanwha Systems manages Defense Division and ICT Division with the customer value being the top priority.

Defense Division started the production of night vision goggles in 1978 when it was the high growth period of the defense business after the Korean War for pursuing the defense business in the ROK and has gradually expanded the business area to the space and cyber areas. Especially, the world’s best technological prowess is secured in the advanced defense areas including electronic optics, command, control and communication, radars, and avionic electronics. It is on the verge of the mass production of the TICN, the next generation tactical communication system of the armed forces and of the commercialization of the key mission equipment of the Korean combat plane KFX including ASES radar and electro-optical tracking device and also participated in the ship battle system of Philippines and Indonesia with the innovative technological prowess recognized.

ICT Division started from the information systems business of Hanwha around 1995 when the nation announced the ROK as the 'IT powerhouse'. It achieved independence as Hanwha S&C in 2001 and declared tot take the 2nd leap through the integration with Hanwha Systems in 2018. ICT Division of Hanwha Systems growing as the advanced IT solution provider builds the advanced information systems and provides the data center service for the major customers including Hanwha Group affiliates and relevant companies in the various areas including financial, manufacturing, petrochemical, and construction fields. Especially, it shows the performance of achieving the digital innovation in all areas including the civil and defense areas on the basis of the advanced IT services including the 4th industrial revolution key items of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchian, and cloud.