Job Overview

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The digital and analog circuit design being the basis of the electronic equipment constituting the weapon system, the module and equipment performance analysis, and the test evaluation are done
  • Analog : Antenna, RF radio transceiver, power amp, EM wave propagation, optical module, motor control, SoC, and power are developed.
  • Digital : DSP, FPGA, ASIC, CPU, Driver/OS, and digital HW design are developed.
The work of implementing and operating the product through the computer program and the work of testing and analyzing the reliability of the developed product are done.
  • System Software : It is the job of developing the software needed for system operation. The operating system, the device driver, and the network and communication protocol are developed.
  • Middleware Software : It is the job of developing the platform connecting the system with the application. The distributed system SW, DDS/RTI, the service platform, and the IT resource management are developed.
  • Application Software : It is the job of developing the application provided for the user. Image, voice, signal, and data processing, GUI, and CG/VR are developed.
  • Other Software : The software of the specific area including AI, security, and server is developed.
It is the work of implementing the shape suitable to the product function and performance. The product design (structural design, heating and cooling device design, structure performance/environment test, CAD application, etc.) and CAE ( heat flow, vibration, dynamics, etc.) are done.
The quality strategy for implementing the quality product is established, and the work of the quality assurance activity of the developed and mass produced products, customer inspection performance, quality guidance for the partner companies, etc. is done. Moreover, the quality certification and reliability test management for operating the global level quality management system are done.
ILS (Integrated Logistics Support)
For the optimal operation and maintenance during the product TLCM (Total Life Cycle Management), the ILS factors including the LSA (Logistics Support Analysis), RAM analysis are developed and managed comprehensively, and the subsequent logistics support work is done.
Management Support
The work of supporting the reasonable decision-making and efficient management activity of the management in the areas of planning, finance, purchase, and HR is done.


ICT Service Development /Operation
The job of stably and efficiently operating the customer system on the basis of the IT specialty, presenting the alternative suitable to the various customer requests, and reviewing the efficient application plan of the IT trend
IDC Infra Building/Operation
The job of designing, building, and operating the infra environment (DB, system OS, network, and WAS, etc.) for the stable IT service provision
The job of providing the management efficiency such as ISP/PI and change management service on the basis of the industrial and work specialty and establishing the advanced IT system for the efficient performance of the IT activity
Doing the design, research, and development of the key solution related to the new business on the basis of the IT technology trend and the customer needs in the market
Presenting the guidelines on meeting the system functional and non-functional requirements, diagnosing the stability and reliability, and deriving the improvement on the basis of the understanding of the business model, the S/W generic technology, and the data structure
Information Security
Analyzing the overall environment related to security, designing the physical structure, building and operating the security system, resolving failure, and performing the performance improvement for protecting the information asset
Deriving the market insight and establishing the strategy through the market survey and analyzing the market and the customer on the basis of the expert knowledge on the industry to pioneer the new market and find the business model
Proposing for taking the order of the optimal solution by checking the industry trend and the customer needs and securing and managing the human and physical resources for achieving the corporate sales and profit and loss
Management Support
Establishing the corporate mid- and long-term strategy for achieving the corporate vision and goal and performing the financial, legal, and HR work for the efficient corporate management activity