Naval Weapons Systems

Specialized in combat systems, we have excellent capabilities to support the interfaces with naval weapons systems as well as the system integration.
MASS, Hanwha Systems’ soft-kill weapons system, has continuously been mounted on the newly built ships, and their performances have been well-proven over the field deployment.
CIWS-II has far improved functions compared with CIWS onboard the existing ships. As the local development of CIWS-II was completed successfully, not only naval vessel’s survivability has improved, but also getting logistics support from local depots is possible.

  • Specialized in Combat System,
    Excellent capabilities to support the
    interfaces with naval weapons systems
    as well as the system integration
  • Active phased array multi-function
    radar applied to various platforms
    including airplane, naval vessel, ground
    vehicle, etc.
  • MASS responding to all kinds of
    threats including ultraviolet, electro-
    optical, laser, (image)infrared, radar
    systems, etc.
함정 무장체계 - 대유도탄기만체계 제품군
(Multi-Ammunition Soft-kill System)
MASS is a next generation decoy system used to protect the ships from various threats. It fires decoys from its launcher in order to defend the naval vessels against attacks of hostile forces including guided missiles, etc.
Hanwha Systems is providing MASS products for various naval vessels being operated by ROK Navy.
함정 무장체계 - 한국형 근접방어무기체계 국내 개발 제품군
Local Development of CIWS
(Close-In Weapon Systems)-II
CIWS devices onboard the existing ships were foreign procurement items applying mechanical radars. The local development for Korean-Type CIWS-II will apply multi-function, active phased array radars in order to implement more accurate and faster surveillance and tracking functions compared with the existing mechanical type radars.
Since we at Hanwha Systems have already developed and provided various types of multi-function phased array radars for air, sea and ground platforms and weapons system, we will be able to provide more advanced Korean-type CIWS-II for our customers.


  • CIWS-Ⅱ

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    (Close-In Weapon System-Ⅱ)

    근접 방어 무기체계 (CIWS-Ⅱ) 제품
    CIWS is an anti-air/anti-ship defense weapons system to defend and protect own-ship against the threats of anti-ship guided missiles or small-sized, high speed patrol boats.
    It is comprised of radar to search and track the enemy targets, electro-optical tracking device, fire control device and 30 mm Gatling Gun. CIWS performs a highly critical mission as the weapons system responsible for holding the last line of defense. This is the very reason that Hanwha Systems is quickening the steps to develop CIWS locally.
  • MASS

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    (Multi-Ammunition Soft-kill System)

    대유도탄기만체계 (MASS) 제품
    MASS (Multi Ammunition Soft-kill System) is a new generation of counter-missile response system that can protect all types of naval vessels from various threats possibly occurring in the sea and the littoral sea including the radar, the infrared, the electro-optics, laser track missile, etc.
    Owing to its excellent decoy function, MASS is taking the absolute lead when it comes to the bid competitions for new ships’ counter-missile decoy systems.
    Hanwha Systems is producing the key components of MASS including the launcher and the control unit in technical cooperation with the original manufacturer of Germany.