Small Munition Drone System

Hanwha Systems has consistently strengthened its technology base as a system integrator for mid-to-small sized swarm-drones as well as auto-pilot drones by participating in numerous development programs including Datalink for Division-level, Mid-to-High Altitude Reconnaissance Airplane, High Precision EO-IR High Payload Sensor, UAV(Unmanned Air Vehicle) Datalink Standard Platform, PAV(Personal Air Vehicle) Flight Control, Integrated Drone Control and Network Building.
Based on its core technologies and capabilities in drone area, our engineers are now devoting more energy on the development of mid-to-small sized munition drone system, which will be the key “asymmetric” warfare capability of the future forces.
Small Munition Dronebot System is comprised of three parts: i)ground devices which include system integration, ground control and launcher; ii) datalink that transmits and sends data between flight vehicle and ground control devices; and iii) mission device that performs the drone’s main missions.

  • Flight vehicle designed with
    ultra-light, composite material
  • Fast selection of aim point and
    swarm flight control
  • High performing, ultra-small,
    ultra-light EO·IR
  • Ultra-small, ultra-light datalink for
    data transmission and reception
  • Interface with the Military’s Higher
    Command Networks Based on
    Integrated Drone Control Center
소형 공격드론 체계(Smart Loitering Munition Drone System)


  • Air Vehicle

  • Small EO·IR

  • Small Datalink

  • Canister
    Ground Control Device

  • Integrated Drone
    Control Center