T-50 & FA-50(Trainer-50 & Fighter/Attacker-50)

T-50 and FA-50 are trainer and light attack purpose aircrafts for ROK Air Force. Advanced Trainer(T-50), Fighter Trainer/Light Combat Aircraft (TA-50), Multi-role Fighter (FA-50) are all included in this category. Hanwha Systems is providing key components including digital camera(ACCTVS), intercoms(ICS), smart multi-function displays(SMFD), etc., for T-50 and FA-50.
By leveraging our development capabilities, we will provide upgraded equipment for the future T-50 series aircraft PIP programs, which will further enhance ROK Air Force’s military strengths.

고등훈련기 & 경곡격기(T-50 & FA-50)



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    (Aircraft Cockpit Color Television System)

    디지털카메라(ACCTVS) 제품
    Digital camera that collects outside front sight images, generates video signals by using digital signal processing and transmits the signals to Mission Computer.
  • ICS

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    (InterCom System)

    인터컴(ICS) 제품
    Provides voice communication between fore/aft seat pilots or between aircrafts. Generates audio warning messages to alert pilots as required by various situations.
  • SMFD

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    (Smart Multi Function Display)

    스마트 다기능시현기(SMFD) 제품
    Displays high-speed, big volume video images provided by Mission Computer. Provides the pilot’s touch pad inputs to Mission Computer in support of the pilot’s flight mission. Also, if any error in Mission Computer occurs, the smart display can operate as backup for Mission Computer.