KF21(Korean Fighter eXperimental)

The purpose of KF21 Program is to indigenously develop the most advanced fighter jet aircraft. For KF21 Program, Hanwha Systems has developed and provided key components including AESA radar, MFD, ACCS, EO TGP, IRST, etc.
Thru its participation in KF21 Program, We aim to lead MC(Mission Computer)-based system integration PIP market for KF21. Also, we are trying to build a strategic partnership with aircraft manufactures in order to secure Tier 1 status in the system integration area.


  • AESA Radar

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    AESA Radar
    (Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar)

    능동형위상배열 레이다(AESA Radar) 제품
    Hanwha Systems is developing Korea’s first AESA(Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar for fighter jet. It is compared to the eyes of KF21. AESA radar performs various missions including surveillance and tracking of air and ground targets and generation of associated target images. It has a modular design composed of T/R(Transmitter/Receiver) block and radiating element assembly, which allows for easy maintenance and excellent scalability, applicable to both light and heavy fighter planes.
    • Korea’s first AESA radar for fighter aircraft
    • Air-to-Air/Air-to-Surface/Air-to-Sea multiple target surveillance/tracking
    • Simultaneous operation modes for Air-to-Air/Air-to-Surface and Air-to-Air/Air-to-Sea
    • Key HW, SW and system integration
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  • MC

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    (Mission Computer)

    임무 컴퓨터(MC) 제품
    Handles images and data interface to display various images and information on MFD and HUD in support of weapon calculation, fire control and system control interface functions. Applies interface design technology in accordance with ARINC 653, the international standards for aircraft systems. Applies common modules to make the system lighter and processes high-speed large volume video(ARINC-818) files to generate high resolution images(2560 X 1280.)
    • Open architecture-based functional modular design
    • High-speed, big volume video (ARINC-818) signal input and processing
    • High resolution (2560 X 1280) image generation and image provided to MFD
  • MFD

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    (Multi-Function Display)

    다기능시현기(MFD) 제품
    Shows high-speed/big volume video images provided by Mission Computer on 20 X 8 inch low-reflection, resistive touch screen display. MFD is a next generation smart display equipment that provides touch screen inputs to support pilot’s flight mission more effectively.
    Stability has improved thru redundancy design. It is designed to operate normally even when power input error occurs or display computer is out of order.
    • Big screen and high resolution image display
    • Provides Touch Interface for the pilot.
    • Provides input processing for high speed/big volume video signals(ARINC-818).
    • Applies redundancy design for image display/power units.
  • ACCS

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    (Audio Command and Control System)

    음성 신호 제어 관리 시스템(ACCS) 제품
    Provides audio call processing between the pilots and aircraft.
    Mounted on fore/aft cockpits of KF21, ACCS manages all voice interfaces between the pilots and aircraft, and trigger sound alarm as required by a situation.
    Uses Full Digital Signal Processing which allows for easy signal path change, and is compatible with encryption equipment. Improved functions compared with the existing systems as low-noise audio design technology and high speed digital audio signal processing technology are applied. (70 dB or higher SNR(signal-to-noise ratio) and 80dB channel isolation)
    • Radio audio control
    • Voice alarm message, tone generation functions.
    • Communication between fore/aft cockpit seats and with the ground service persons
  • EO TGP

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    EO TGP
    (Electro-Optical Targeting Pod)

    전자광학 타게팅 포드(EO TGP) 제품
    Electro-optics equipment for fighter aircraft to provide precision guide for laser guided bombs
    Cooled type infra-red detector using SXGA(Super eXtended Graphic 1280 X 1024) which detects and tracks day and night targets and provides precision guide for guided missiles and bombs. The functional performances of our electro-optical targeting pod, developed by Korea’s indigenous technology, are on a par with the world’s best product.
    • Day & night target detection and tracking
    • Precision aiming using common optical systems
    • High power laser search and precision guided weaponry
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  • IRST

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    (Infra-Red Search and Track)

    적외선 탐색 추적 장비(IRST) 제품
    Detects and tracks air targets and provides target information
    IRST System provides detection and tracking of air threats thru infrared sensor-based wide area search. This electro-optic equipment provides such information as direction and elevation as well as infrared images of approaching threats including enemy fighter plane or air-defense missiles, etc.
    Hanwha Systems’ IRST System utilizes passive sensor(infrared), which allows for search and tracking of targets during both day and night times under all weather conditions while not being detected by the air threats.
    • Provides azimuth and elevation information and infrared image information of air threats such as enemy plane and air defense missiles.
    • Performs stealth operation under the emission control situation.
    • Utilizes passive sensor(infrared sensor)to provide target detection and tracking functions at both day and night times while not being detected by the enemy.
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