Sonar Systems

Hanwha Systems has both the system integration track records and special sonar systems technologies, which are required to establish Wide Sea Area Underwater Surveillance System. Thru its program participation, we are contributing to enhancing the ROK Navy’s surface and underwater combat and surveillance capabilities at its operation sea areas.
Now the focus of our sonar R&D efforts is to develop active/passive combined multi-state sensor which is capable of detecting long range targets, as well as to build a network based, integrated Wide Sea Area Underwater Surveillance System that will combine HUSS(Harbor Underwater Surveillance System), Buoy-Type Underwater Surveillance System and UMS(Unmanned Maritime System) together.

  • Autonomous Navigation Obstacle Avoidance Formation Control
  • Standard Architecture-based Technology Development
소나체계 - 소노부이, 부이형소나, 기뢰탐지음탐기의 제품군
What is SONAR?


  • Sonobuoy

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    소노부이 제품
    A sonobuoy is a sonar buoy system that is dropped from aircraft conducting anti-submarine warfare. Being a main detection sensor for anti-submarine operation, it is comprised of acoustic sensor, RF device and acoustic analysis, and is deployed in multiple numbers to the search area.
    Sonobuoys are largely classified into two categories: active and passive. As Korea had imported the whole required quantities for sonobuoys from overseas countries, Hanwha Systems indigenously developed DIFAR-based passive sonobuoy. Now we are working on the development of active/passive combined type sonobuoy, which operates DIFAR and active sound source simultaneously, as a part of military-commercial dual use technology development.
    Going forward, We will fully utilize its core technologies in sonobuoy field to complete the developments for sonobuoy receiver system and passive sonobuoy system, which will greatly improve ROK Navy’s anti-submarine operation performances in wide area surveillance zone.
  • Buoy Type Sonar

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    Buoy Type Sonar

    부이형 소나 제품
    Underwater surveillance system which is installed at certain locations where it is hard to install fixed type surveillance system (i.e., petrol killer forward post or the area adjacent to nuclear power plant, etc.), and is operated for a certain duration as required. This sonar system is comprised of buoy assembly which can be operated securely, and for longer duration; low frequency directional array sensor assembly which can distinguish the left from the right sides and is easy-to-operate deploy/retrieval device; high speed, large volume communications and control device supporting real time communications; signal processing device that can make real time target detection and tracking; and information processing device.
  • Mine Sweeping
    Sonar for

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    Mine Sweeping Sonar for Minesweeper

    소해함용 기뢰탐지음탐기 제품
    Minesweeper detects underwater mines and remove or detonate them, so as to protect the friendly forces’ fleet. Minesweeping acoustic sensor is the key device for minesweeper. It is largely classified into two categories: HMS(Hall-Mounted Sensor) and VDS(Variable Depth Sensor). Currently, Hanwha Systems is taking part in the local development of 3 components(Operator Console, Transmitter/Receiver Reception Unit and Received Signal Amplifier Unit) to be applied to HMS-type 193M MOD1. For these 3 components, the most latest technologies will be applied in order to drastically improve minesweeper’s mine detection capabilities.