Win-Win Management

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Win-Win Policy

Competitiveness is enhanced by strengthening the win-win capability on growing together.

The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems plans the policy needed for growing together and leads the fair subcontracting. Moreover, the superior win-win capability of officers and staffs is enhanced by steadily providing the education on the fair consignment.

Compliance with the Four Guidelines on the Fair Trade ‘Contribution to Providing the Best Service at the Customer Contact Point’

The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems takes one step closer to customer satisfaction through the compliance with the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act to prevent the occurrence of the undue situation on the partner company during any transaction by observing the four guidelines of the fair trade.

  • Value
    Enhancement through the Fair Partner Company Selection and the Efficient Management
    The regulation on providing the fair trade opportunity by preparing and announcing the more transparent partner company selection standards and procedures
  • Document Form
    and Preservation
    The regulation on preparing and issuing the standard forms of the various documents first and on preserving data
  • Practices
    on Contract Conclusion
    The regulation on the definite delivery date in case of concluding the contract by preparing the contract conclusion type selection standards reliable to anybody
  • Installation
    and Management
    of the Subcontracting Trade Internal Review
    The regulation on reviewing the legality first when concluding the contract with the partner company
    for the fixed or higher amount
Use of the Standard Subcontracting Contract
It is necessary to prepare the standard subcontracting contract for the trust and work efficiency between partner companies. The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems complies with the relevant law and provides convenience in case of preparing the contract by furnishing the subcontracting contract presented by the Fair Trade Commission.
Education on the Fair Consignment for the Whole Company
The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems provides the education through the outside lecturer to establish the fair trade order with partner companies and the education on the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act for all officers and staffs.
The effort of the IDCT Division of Hanwha Systems on creating the fairer trade environment and on establishing the culture of growing together the will also continue tomorrow.
Letter of Commitment on Ethical Management
The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems makes an effort on receiving customer’s favor for a long time and on becoming the sustainable company by preparing the letter of commitment on ethical management to establish the fair and transparent trade order such as contract conclusion and to settle down the sound corporate culture.
Cultivation of the CP Management Professional
The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems cultivates the CP management professional integrating and operating the compliance management, the ethical management, and the sustainable management.

Win-Win Support

Open the Future Together, Be Together in the Future’
It is the promise of Hanwha Systems for growing together with partner companies.

The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems promises the unsparing win-win support for growing together with partner companies and for improving the future capability. The warm society is made with the expansion of the culture on growing together by supporting partner companies with the raising of the win-win fund, with the operation of the win-win cooperation academy, and with the continuance of the volunteer activity with partner companies.

Signing of Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Agreement

HSC has signed Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Agreements with the subcontractors in an effort to support various activities for mutual growth systematically as recommended by Fair Trade Commission and Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership.

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HSC Joined Inclusive Company 2.0 Initiative

In order to help its subcontractors promote ESG management and identify and nurture promising SMEs with advanced technologies in smart defense, aerospace, AI and block chain fields, HSC joined Inclusive Company 2.0 Initiative, led by Ministry of SMEs and Startups as well as by Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large&Small Business and Rural Affairs.

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Win-Win Growth Exchange Events to Build the Foundation for Mutual Cooperation

HSC is actively utilizing multiple communication channels with the subcontractors including Partner’s Day, Eagles Day with HSC Subcontractors, Purchasing, Quality, Technology Exchanges, etc., in order to lead the market in collaboration with the subcontractors.

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Education Program to Strengthen Subcontractors’ Management Capabilities

In order to help strengthen subcontractors management infrastructures and corporate ethics, HSC is providing regular education programs for the subcontractors.
(Including approx. 12,000 micro-learning contents for the subcontractors, compliance and fair transactions education, technology security education and support for technology escrow systems, etc.)

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Social Contribution Activities to Deliver the Value of Sharing Together with the Subcontractors

HSC is sharing the warmth with the community. We are making efforts to fulfill our social responsibility for the neighbors who need help.

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Financial Support Programs to Help Subcontractors Secure Liquidity

To build sustainable win-win growth system, HSC is working on improving cash payment ratio for the subcontractors and shortening the payment duration as well as extending financial support for them, etc.

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Win-Win Business

The win-win way is paved by finding the business areas with partner companies and by establishing the co-brands with them.

The ICT Division of Hanwha Systems continues to find good partner companies and do the integrated technical research with partner companies. It does its best effort on the win-win business including the quality and productivity enhancement and site improvement activities of partner companies to do the key role in finding new business areas and in establishing the co-brands (marketing).

HSC is attentive to the subcontractors’ voices and opinions including their expressed complaints, suggestions for improvements and request for dispute mediation, etc.

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