ECS(Engineering Control System) for Naval Vessels

ECS provides for a network-based, integrated control and monitoring of naval vessels’ propulsion/power/damage control/auxiliary systems, which were previously controlled separately. ECS is the key device to efficiently assure naval vessels’ operability, survivability and stability.

  • Field-proven performances thru the
    deployment to the most recently built
    naval vessels of ROK Navy
  • Local development records for
    ECS core technologies
  • Open, standard architecture based
    development, securing the
    interoperability with Naval Combat
함정 통합기관제어체계 - 함정 추진체계 동적 시뮬레이션, 함정 추진제어 SW의 제품군


  • Ship Propulsion
    System Dynamic

  • Ship Propulsion
    Control SW

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    Ship Propulsion Control SW

    함정 추진제어 SW 제품
    In order to secure auxiliary control and monitoring technologies, the most critical elements out of the 6 ECS technologies, Hanwha Systems developed Ship Propulsion Control SW designed to support both mechanical propulsion system and combined propulsion system.
    Control and monitoring SW’s functions and performances were verified by making the interfaces with the software developed based on the modeling of such devices as gas turbine, propulsion motor, diesel engine, controllable pitch propeller, etc.
    Device Summary(Capability/Core Technology)
    • Propulsion system monitoring and control
    • Simulation of propulsion interface devices to secure reliability
    Key Features
    • Hybrid propulsion/auxiliary monitoring and control implementation
    • Modeling for interface device simulation
    • Local development of propulsion and auxiliary system control algorithms