Talents that We Seek

현재 페이지경로

Challenge Hanwha people with challenge

Not in the existing frame and seek the best through change and innovation

Who actively develop themselves to be the best in the field
Set up short- and long-term goal for self-development and fully seek opportunity / plan to achieve goals
Frequently check desired task / part and trend changes in the desired affiliates
Accumulate basic knowledge and experience to be an expert in the desired field and seek wisdom from mentors for desired task
Who find new ideas and opportunities with open mindset and creativity
Try new things to expand ideas beyond current ones
Seek improvement in the current status and effort and better solutions
Listen to and collect opinions from various people with open mindset
Who set up challenging goals with confidence
Understand the purpose of the challenging goal in the company and set up challenging personal goal
Set up specific goals in phase to achieve goals and follow the track
Prepare to learn lessons from failure

Dedication Hanwha people with dedication

Matter company, customer and colleagues and do their best for big goals

Who think us and common goals first
Recognize the development in the organization as the development in oneself and link the personal goal to organizational goal
Fully exert all the potential / capabilities to achieve goals
Fully join to achieve common goals rather than individual goals with others
Who keep promise with customers and create values
Judge the behavior and decision-making based on needs from customer / subject
Keep monitoring / providing feedback on customer / subject opinions and reflect them on the project
Think about how to impress customers and find best practice for customer impression
Who believe potential of communal consciousness
Fully distribute one’s know-how for common improvement
Help as much as possible if you receive request for mission
Help someone with difficulties first

Integrity Hanwha people with integrity

Fairly act based on principles and pride

Who faithfully act and is not persuaded by immediate profit
Faithfully report with no falsification
Monitor own behavior and correct issues if happened
Make decision while considering short- and long-term aspects
Who fairly treat others based on capability and performance
Faithfully accept performance and capability of others
Objectively accept feedback from others and make improvement by oneself
Understand objective aspects of others rather than personal relation and perform mission based on organization / team