KF-21 EO TGP(Electro-Optical Targeting Pod)

Electro-optical tracking pod to be mounted on the cutting-edge fighter jets.
Tracks ground targets and emits laser beams for precision guiding of laser guided bombs.


KF-21 EO TGP is installed at the bottom part of KF-21 fighter jets to perform the missions including target coordinate direction, target search and tracking, precision guidance of weapons, target identifications and mission confirmations against the targets as assigned by the system, in support of the pilot’s mission performances.

EO TGP / 지상데이터링크

Its major components include FLIR that utilizes multi-wavelength band common optical technology(only Hanwha Systems has this technology in Korea); sensors like TV, laser target designator and tracker; stabilization devices to prevent disturbance and to maintain line of sight; front and rear electronic units for signal processing and system interfaces; data links for data transmission/reception; and environment control devices to temperature control, etc.

Hanwha Systems has the largest number of track records in Korea in the development and manufacturing of electro-optical devices. We successfully completed Exploratory Development Phase of this project in collaboration with ADD, based on which core technologies for KF-21 EO TGP system were secured. Now We are seeking to fully utilize secured EO TGP technologies by applying them to other new fighter jet programs as well as to find export opportunities.

Laser Search & Tracking 과정
전자광학 타게팅포드(EO TGP) 설명

EO TGP Integration Test Site

    • Established EO TGP integration performance test facilities including large diameter optical collimator, laser collimator, large-sized temperature chamber, etc.
    • Built secure laser facilities that are specifically designed to handle high-performing, high-power laser modules.
    • Capable of verifying performances in quantitative terms under the testing environments such as system simulation test bench, simulated images, etc.