Defense Based on the state-of-the-art technology, the best solution required by the armed forces
in the areas of surveillance patrol, command, control, and communication, and pinpoint strike.

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Hanwha Systems is providing the improvement of the enemy operation information collection capability
and the ally survivability on the basis of the global level high performance information and electronic warfares technical capability.

Electronic Attack(EA)

  • Small Unmanned Systems
    Response System
    Small Unmanned Systems Response System
    It is the system arranged in the expected penetration path of a small enemy unmanned systems in the battlefront or the major city to have it deviated from the orbit and incapacitated. It is linked with the radar and EO/IR for searching and tracking the small unmanned systems of the enemy and incapacitates the enemy aircraft with the jammer.
    It is developed as the maneuver type emphasizing the operability. The self-generation is done with the internal power generator. The high output electronic jamming to the enemy is possible with the single operation in the mountain or open terrain depending on the situation. The inside can secure the system security in spite of the enemy’s jamming due to the design of blocking the electromagnetic wave.