Defense Based on the state-of-the-art technology, the best solution required by the armed forces
in the areas of surveillance patrol, command, control, and communication, and pinpoint strike.

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New Business

Hanwha Systems promotes the development of the hyperconnectivity hyperintelligence platform based on the 4th industrial revolution.
For the dronebot combat system which is one of the five game changers of the army, the drone integrated control system,
the drone wireless power charge system, and the drone surveillance radar are being developed on the basis of the technical competitiveness
on the sensor and tactical information and communication.

  • Unmanned Search Vehicle
    Unmanned Search Vehicle Integrated Command and Control System (Control Vehicle)
    It is operated in the armored search forces with the perfect real-time remote control of the unmanned vehicle. It integrates and analyzes the intelligence acquired through the monitoring equipment to promptly and correctly report it to the upper command vehicle and receives the control order to guide the firepower.
  • Dronebot Integrated
    Control System
    Dronebot Integrated
    Control System
    (Ground Control System)
    It performs the missions of the multi-drone real-time control and display using the dronebot integrated control system, the multi-drone and robot mission plan automation, the real-time acquisition, processing, and convergence of the drone flying object and sensor information, and the control of the various mission equipment mounted to the drone.
  • Drone Wireless Power
    Charge System
    Drone Wireless Power
    Charge System
    The drone wireless power charge system send the power wirelessly with the high power laser and will be linked with commercialization by 2022. The technology can be used to solve the power problem of the drone or unmanned systems and is expected to contribute to the problem with the power supply caused from the industrial disaster.
  • Drone Monitoring System
    Drone Monitoring System
    It consists of the sensor for searching and tracking the drone and the response system. The sensor part uses the radar as the main sensor and the Electro-Optical and Infrared (EO/IR) sensor as the supplementary sensor. The response system consists of the jammer, the capture equipment, and the laser shooting equipment.