Digital Transformation The 4th industrial revolution era!
Hanwha Systems leads the new future and paradigm based on the key technological prowess.

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It is the enterprise solution for reducing the cost and for using and sharing the stable resource management technology.

The industrial competitiveness of the customer
is enhanced with the blockchain platform service.

It is promoted by focusing on the ABT (Asset Backed Token). The building type SI project through
the Blockchain Platform (H-Chain) developed by our company is promoted to strengthen the industrial competitiveness.


The blockchain technology which is also the key technology of digital transformation is the innovative technology creating the transparent and highly reliable network by sharing the transaction records of all users on the basis of the digital encryption technology. Hanwha Systems provides the blockchain platform (H-Chain) suitable to the company environment of the company by utilizing the experience and know-how on applying the innovative blockchain technology to the various industrial systems.

Service Areas

The Enterprise Blockchain Platform of Hanwha Systems, H-Chain

H-Chain is the enterprise blockchain technology to achieve the blockchain technology synergy from the performance, expandability, interoperability, security, and management monitoring the blockchain technology requested by the company. Hanwha Systems completed the building of the internal blockchain platform of H-Chain, introduced it to various industrial sites, and performed PoC successfully. Hanwha Systems achieved the digital transformation innovation of the customer by providing the customer with the enterprise blockchain service of H-Chain.

Configuration of H-Chain
H-Chain consists of the four aspects such as application service (SBT, remittance, etc.), H-Chain plug-in service (token creation, token tracking, token transaction,
asset securitization, electronic wallet, authentication, distributed storage place, etc.), H-Chain core (the development framework and the blockchain technology possibly linked with the stellar and the hyperleisure), H-Chain infra (multi-cloud service delivery) and those are oriented toward the successful blockchain service introduction of the customer by strengthening expandability and interoperability more.
  • Application Service

    Application System
    (ABT, remittance and etc.)

  • H-Chain
    Plug-In Service
    • Token Creation(Token Factory)
    • Token Tracking(Token Tracker)
    • Token Transaction(Trader/Swap)
    • Asset Securitization(Tokenizer)
    • Asset Life Cycle Mgmt.
    • Electronic Wallet(Server/Client)
    • Authentication(OneID, Biometric Authentication)
    • Distributed Storage Place(IPFS)
    • Original Authentication(Timestamp)
    • Service Linkage(KYC, AML)
  • H-Chain Core
    Development Framework
    • Smart Contract Development Framework
      (Oracle, Multi-Sig, Registry)
    • Distributed App/API Development Framework
      (MSA, EBF)
    • Common Service(Monitoring, Authority, Transaction Tracker)
    Blockchain Technology
    • Ethereum
      (JP Morgan Quorum)
    • Stellar Linkage, Hyperleisure Linkage, eous Chain Linkage Technolog
  • H-Chain Infra
    Multi-Cloud Service Delivery
    (AWS, Google, MS Azure, Hone Cloud, On-premise)
Characteristics of H-Chain
  • Fast Transaction In order to provide the enhanced performance for H-Chain, the suitable service speed is provided to the business site by improving the distributed agreement algorithm. (goal of 500+ TPS).
  • Plug-In Service H-Chain provides the customer with the system operation and management functions of Server Side Wallet, Multi-Sig, the ERC721-based token factory, and the distributed storage place (IPFS).
  • Security The strong security of the H-Chain service is available by applying the key management, the data encryption, and the personal information protection technology in addition to the blockchain technology having the internal security.
  • MSA Architecture The various service introductions and uses and the stability are available by applying the MSA architecture on the basis of the optimal container tool of Docker.
  • Multi Cloud Service It can be used easily in the various areas by improving the work environment based on One-Premise and the cloud.

Expected Effects

H-Chain 2.0 is the enterprise blockchain application manufactured for any company of the world to introduce the effective blockchain system service and facilitates the enterprise blockchain system building. A full preparation is made for the customer 세 have the global competitiveness by providing the blockchain-based technology, the Microservice/dApp development framework, and the common plug-in service.

  • The permission type blockchain technology needed for building the large enterprise blockchain system is provided.
  • The blockchain interoperability technology helping the configuration of the consortium network among companies. (Expected in the end of 2019)
  • The development framework for the development, production, performance, and quality improvement of Smart Contract is provided. (design pattern, development standard, and common library)
  • The microservice framework for developing the distributed app (dApp) and API service based on the blockchain is provided.
  • The high quality reusable plug-in service suitable to the business situation is provided (token factory, distributed storage place, electronic document original certification service, etc.)