• Defense

    ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

    With its cutting-edge Radar and optronics technologies widely applied to land, sea, air and space platforms,
    Hanwha Systems is leading the development of the most secure ISR systems to defend South Korea

  • Defense

    C5I Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and

    Hanwha Systems is establishing itself as the leader of Command and Control
    businesses, which are the core elements of Network-Centric Warfare.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems has an unrivalled, in-house R&D capability for naval combat systems.
    Also, we are capable of developing Korea’s top level naval sensors,
    integrated firing solution and naval unmanned systems.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is a leader in aerospace electronics and space business in Korea.
    We have a strong in-house R&D capabilities to support system
    integration for aerospace devices.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is leading the future trend for ground forces’ capabilities based on its mission-oriented,
    cutting-edge land combat systems.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is providing optimum ILS solutions to cover the entire lifecycle of
    weapon systems from the development phase and throughout the system deployment
    and maintenance to the maximum satisfaction of the customers.

C5I (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and Intelligence)

C5I is the weapon system that plays the role of brain and mouth at the battlefield. ROK Forces are building hyper-connected networks which link all ISR devices at ground, naval, air, space and cyber battlefields as well as surgical strike systems. By using the network, ROK Forces can quickly share battlefield situation and other information and undertake real-time integrated operations.
By further developing its C2 system and tactical communication system capabilities, Hanwha Systems will provide hyper-connected, intelligent C5I solutions.

  • Tactical Communication System

    TICN, the Backbone System for
    Network-Centric Warfare

    TICN is the tactical communication system to support integrated
    combat capabilities based on C4ISR∙PGM under network-centric
    warfare environment. Read more
  • C2(Command and Control)


    ADD-led system development program to better respond to the threats
    surrounding the Korean Peninsula as well as changing operational environment.
    Hanwha Systems is developing KTMO-CELL by using 100% indigenous technology. Read more
  • Cyber Battlefield Management System

    Cyber Battlefield
    Management System

    To manage weapon systems requiring information protection against
    cyber attacks and maintain the dominant positions of friendly forces and
    perform cyber operations Read more

Hanwha Systems is positioning itself as the leader of C2 area, the core of Network Centric Warfare.
Joint operations of Army, Navy and Air Forces can be performed by information sharing thru tactical datalinks and by organic interfacing of each forces’ C2 systems, surveillance and strike systems. At present, ROK Forces are building “Army Tiger 4.0”, the initiative to spur the current system’s evolution towards C5I, which is being built by utilizing the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Rather than providing unprocessed status information only, more intelligent, advanced C5I system will provide integrated data of all military branches and various sensors (surveillance and assault) as well as the analysis of such data, which will help establish data-centric, AI-based decision-making system.