IT Service The customized service specialized in the customer
with the outstanding IT capacity and know-how is provided.

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Hanwha Systems provides the optimal IT solution preemptively responding to the rapidly changing market environment.

Smart Building Solution

The leading edge smart solution leading energy saving
and environment protection can be expected.

The smart building solution of Hanwha Systems is the advanced Smart Work and Green Energy Building created by converging the building automation technology with the state-of-the-art IT technology suitable to the 4th industrial revolution era and provides all solutions leading the energy saving and environment protection of the customer by organically integrating the advanced systems including architecture and communication, office automation, and building automation. Especially, the Eagle IBS solution developed independently by Hanwha Systems has the individual operation interface and enables the smarter building operation and management by integrating it with the building automation control (BA), the advanced integrated security (TS) solution, and the smart network information and communication infra (TC) with the effect of reducing the building operation cost possibly expected.


BA (BA & Energy Saving | Building Automation) – Building Automation Solution
The advanced building management solution can be experienced with the web-based single monitoring and the control system for the operation of the smart intelligent building.
  • Integrated SI (System Integration) and the integrated monitoring system
  • Mobile-based Facility Management System (FMS)
  • Machine and facility control
  • Power and lighting control
  • BEMS (Building Energy Management System)
  • Analysis solution based on big data
TS (Total Security) – Total Security Solution
The more strengthened advanced integrated security system is provided by building the intelligent monitoring solution responding to the stream of the risk factors such as various IT infrastructures and external threats.
  • Intelligent CCTV and access control
  • Parking control and parking position recognition
  • Visitor management system
  • Network security system
TC (Tele-Communication) – Tele-Communication Solution
The more perfect tele-communication IoT infra can be secured by pursuing the fast decision-making and high efficiency of only the customer with the building of the hyperfast network infra.
  • Office automation (IoT, Groupware, and cloud)
  • IT exchanger system
  • Building guidance system
  • Integrated wiring, CATV, and digital public broadcasting
The hardware replacement cost and the software maintenance cost can be saved with the corporate productivity and work speed improved by providing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment suitable to Smart Work.
  • Building the wireless network
  • Video conference system, A/V, and media facility
  • Creating the environment based on the cloud and the big data

Major Business Areas

  • Intelligent Building System (IBS-Integrated SI)

    Providing the advanced IT service by organically integrating the major systems such as building environment, facility, power, and lighting enables the pursuit of economic efficiency, efficiency, and functionality, the improvement of the work concentration in the more comfortable office environment, and the stable building management.

    Major FunctionsIt is the solution system optimized for the high-speed communication network building and for the building stability including the integrated monitoring control, system integration, and alarm.

  • Facility Management System (Mobile FMS)

    It helps the systematic management of various building facilities by effectively offering the smart device solution to provide the operation control staff with the easy use by changing the work process for reducing the building facility operation management cost.

    Major FunctionsThe perfect building operation solutions for work management, equipment management, lease management, facility management, and energy performance management are provided.

  • Building Automation System (BAS)

    It mainly monitors and controls the important building components of HVAC (heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning), power, and lighting and provides the standard management environment to respond to the external response fast and to secure the optimal network environment.

    Major FunctionsIt provides the single monitoring and control, the warning at ordinary times and the maintenance operation.

  • Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

    It is the solution presenting the improvement direction depending on the building characteristics and state and optimizing the building operation state with the automatic control by analyzing the data collected from AMI Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and IBS. It provides the regular analysis report consulting by presenting the various energy reduction factors including architecture, machinery, and electricity.

    Major FunctionsIt is possible to optimize the operation management through energy reduction by monitoring the energy analysis, the energy use visualization, and the energy use report.

  • Integrated Security System

    With the building of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) security system, the access and control of the internal and external manpower can be done. With the mounting of the intelligent CCTV, the best security solution can be mounted.

    Major FunctionsThe thorough asset protection and the consistent security control can be pursued with the real-time management and monitoring (access control and CCTV) and access history inquiry of the customer building through the AI technology.

  • Information Communication Infra

    The work efficiency can be enhanced through the advanced wireless LAN environment by building the high-speed information communication network for the state-of-the-art smart work.

    Major FunctionsIt is the solution facilitating the fast and stable work environment improvement and collaboration with the mounting of BYOD, video conferencing, and wireless LAN.

Expected Effects

  • Increasing the building value by realizing Intelligent Building
  • Securing the building maintenance efficiency and economic efficiency
  • Increasing the work efficiency by creating the high-speed communication network environment