IT Service The customized service specialized in the customer
with the outstanding IT capacity and know-how is provided.

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System Integration

The advanced industrial infra solution is provided by integrating the synergy of the manufacturing and construction, finance, and leisure into one.

Manufacturing & Construction

From the manufacturing site to the construction industry!
Hanwha Systems' innovation is continuing today

Hanwha Systems provides the state-of-the-art IT solution combining the IT system with the traditional manufacturing and construction industries on the basis of the know-how on building and operating the manufacturing (explosive/defense industry, chemical/petrochemical, energy, machinery, photovoltaic, etc.) and construction systems in Hanwha Group. The solution can support the management innovation and success of the customer and enhance the corporate business performance and value more.


Hanwha Systems strengthens the customer business competitiveness and provides the stable optimal infra solution through the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), the IPS (Internet Procurement System), the SCM (Supply Chain Management), the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the KM (Knowledge Management), the EIS (Executive Information System), the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), the MES (Manufacturing Execution System), the IoT (Internet of Things), the R&D management system and groupware, and the security solution for all the business types related to the manufacturing industry.
In order to strengthen the innovative competitiveness of the construction company customer, the solution specialized for the construction area enabling the building of the construction management system optimized for each construction site and the integrated management of the system. Hanwha Systems provides the solution specialized in the construction industry related to architecture, civil works, and plants and the advanced city development industry such as land development, sales in lots, and architecture. The customer can enhance the engineering productivity and the cost-effectiveness accordingly.

Major Business Areas

  • ERP
    (Enterprise Resource Planning)

    The enterprise resource planning is the management innovation maximizing the utilization of the personal and physical resources inside the company. Hanwha Systems provides the advanced information system based on the corporate business by achieving the work process innovation through the global standard ERP and the premium ERP solution (SFAR ERP) developed independently to implement the integrated information system for the customer.

    Expected Effects The management system of Hanwha Systems is not limited to finance, accounting, sales, production, and purchase but implements the perfect integrated information system in linkage with the various additional solutions such as the advanced HR (Human Resources), IPS (Internet Procurement System), KM (Knowledge Management), GW (Groupware), EDMS (Electronic Document Management System), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It means the contribution to the work productivity by securing the management innovation and competitiveness of the customer and by making the data analysis management framework.

  • SCM
    (Supply Chain Management)
    Hanwha Systems manages the overall process to deliver the product wanted by the customer in the place wanted by the customer at the time wanted by the customer. The supply chain management system of Hanwha Systems implements the perfect interface with the ERP and innovates the management type of the customer logistics system through the application of the RFID and IoT sensors.
  • PLM
    (Product Lifecycle Management)
    Hanwha Systems provides the technology and service framework doing the integrated management of all the production information such as the CAD data, the technical document, the standard process diagram, and the AS manual. Especially, the data management, production period reduction, cost reduction, and quality improvement of the product design and development process are realized by building the solution based on the smart factory.
  • PI (Process Innovation) and ISP (Information Strategy Planning)
    Hanwha Systems provides the solution strengthening the customer competence and specialty and enabling the synergy creation. It is responsible for innovating the customer business and for doing the change management after the project completion by leading the customer change and by realizing the management efficiency.