Security Hanwha Systems effectively responds
to the intelligent and sophisticated security threat and takes care of safety.

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Security Operation Service

The tight security operation service is provided by rendering the high level of security and the effective response service.

The security operation service perfectly responding
to the various digital environments is provided.

Hanwha Systems helps the customer to effectively respond to the external threat variously occurring in the advanced digital era by providing the service through the integration of the customer information security and the physical security.
Moreover, it makes a full preparation for customer’s managing the data information asset stably and doing prevention and follow-up activities by building the integrated security operation center in the Hanwha Data Center and by using the group exclusive network.

Integrated Security Operation Center
Integrated Security Operation Center Diagram
  • Integrated Security Policy
    Hanwha Systems has the business performance experience and the system operation know-how in the various areas such as finance, manufacturing, and service. The customized services including infra capacity calculation, monitoring, performance management, backup management, infra fault management, change management, and comprehensive reporting are provided accordingly. Especially, Hanwha Systems prepared the solution and system focusing on the IT service. Beyond the application unit, the more efficient and faster system management service is provided by effectively linking the customer business transaction with the IT resource infra.
  • Integrated Security Consulting
    The information security level is diagnosed with the improvement direction consulting provided suitably to the characteristics of the customer business site.
  • Integrated Access Security Control
    The security improvement, replacement work, and integrated maintenance needed for the access to the customer business site and the product warehousing and release are done. Moreover, the real-time access security management, operation, and control services are provided for the customer officers and staffs and partner company staffs on the basis of the cloud technology.
  • Integrated Video Monitoring
    The upgrade, replacement work, and integrated maintenance of the video-related facilities installed in the customer business site are done. Furthermore, the real-time video monitoring and control service for the customer business site is provided on the basis of the cloud technology.
  • Integrated Information Security Control
    The operation and monitoring services are provided in addition to the supply and installation of the solutions related to the customer IT network security and personal information security.
  • Integrated Security Service
    The digital footprint including the check on the information access record of the dangerous or suspicious person is analyzed, and the external risk factor is detected fast in advance by tracking and analyzing the video record of the access moving line for the prompt response.
  • Comprehensive Security Service
    The perimeter security service for building, operating and maintaining the perimeter defense system of the major facility and the penetration preventing facility and system, the wiretapping and monitoring preventing service for building, operating and maintaining the wiretapping and monitoring and hidden camera preventing system for the class 1 facility, and the IoT environment security service for protecting the major facility and for building, operating, and maintaining the disaster detection sensor and system are provided.
  • Security Consulting
    The security consulting provided by Hanwha Systems consists of the total three areas. The certification consulting related to the local and overseas information protection and the personal information protection and control system, the comprehensive information protection consulting for establishing the system of improving the comprehensive and personal information protection management levels, and the comprehensive security compliance service for observing and checking the overall regulations of the supervisory agency and for doing the security inspection.

Expected Effects

Risk and Security Management Strengthening
Hanwha Systems bridges the gap between the physical security and the information security to improve the security level of the customer. Furthermore, the RFID card having the insufficient security function is immediately replaced by the smart card for the perfect blocking from the reproduction risk. The access authority of the leaver or the partner company staff is managed to prevent an accident. The customer asset is protected from the various digital risks and disasters by monitoring the insides of the business site and the factory in real time.
TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) Reducing Effect
It is possible to do business more sincerely by reducing the various security-related costs steadily consumed by the company including the video monitoring equipment or the access control infra cost and the maintenance time.
Smarter Convenience
Replacing all customer officer and staff cards by smart cards strengthen security and enables the automatic registration when visiting an affiliate. Moreover, the cafeteria can be used conveniently, and the various additional functions such as the credit card can be inserted for convenience.