HR Policies

Our company is running various systems to encourage our employees
to improve their capabilities, and to offer better motivations.

현재 페이지경로

Job Titles and Career Progression

  1. STEP 1Junior
  2. STEP 2Engineer
  3. STEP 3Senior Engineer
  4. STEP 4Chief Engineer
  1. STEP 1Associate
  2. STEP 2Assistant
  3. STEP 3Manager
  4. STEP 4Manager
  5. STEP 5Senior Manager

welfare system

  • Career Development Programs
    • mic exchanges program (master’s/doctor’s courses will be sponsored during employment at Hanwha Systems’)
    • Global Talent Program
    • Absence of leave for self-development
    • On-and off-site/online education and training
  • Benefits to help employees and their families
    • Tuition reimbursement for children
    • Medical coverage for employees/their spouses and children
    • Medical check-up for employees/their spouses
    • Access to resources for personal life events
    • Contribution to personal pension plan
    • Housing loan (for those working at Yongin R&D Center)
    • dormitory (for those in Gumi Site)
  • Benefits for pleasant leisure
    • Flexible workhours
    • Selective employee benefits and welfare program(welfare points offered)
    • Access/discounts at condominiums and water parks