Digital Transformation The 4th industrial revolution era!
Hanwha Systems leads the new future and paradigm based on the key technological prowess.

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The stable and systematic cloud service is provided to build the optimal IT environment.

Introduction of the cloud service enables
the preparation for the fast changing system innovation.

An effort is made to provide the customer-oriented, stable, and systematic cloud service including the cloud consulting,
private cloud (HONE cloud) building and operation, and the public cloud building support and operation service.


Hanwha Systems understands the fast changing customer business environment. The cloud service suitable to securing the customer business competitiveness and building the flexible IT environment is provided for the customer fast.

Major Service Areas

  • Cloud Consulting
    The optimal cloud application and conversion strategy is supported on the basis of the result of the analysis on the customer business and IT service operation environment.
  • Cloud Building/Conversion
    The system design and IT environment based on the cloud service and the conversion from the system being operated by the customer to the stable cloud system are supported.
  • Cloud Management Service
    The stable and systematic IT operation service requested by the corporate customer is provided in the cloud environment.
  • Cloud Type
    Public Cloud: The system environment configuration and operation using the public cloud service such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. are supported.
    Private Cloud: The system configuration and operation using the HONE cloud of Hanwha Systems are supported.

Expected Effects

  • The environment is organized and changed as the cloud environment preferred by the customer.
  • The stable cloud service is supported with the equality and specialty suitable to the enterprise market.
  • The specialized consulting and the optimal technical assistance are promised in all stages of the cloud service.