Digital Transformation The 4th industrial revolution era!
Hanwha Systems leads the new future and paradigm based on the key technological prowess.

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The stable and systematic cloud service is provided to build the optimal IT environment.

Introduction of the cloud service enables
the preparation for the fast changing system innovation.

An effort is made to provide the customer-oriented, stable, and systematic cloud service including the cloud consulting,
private cloud (HONE cloud) building and operation, and the public cloud building support and operation service.


Hanwha Systems understands the fast changing customer business environment. The cloud service suitable to securing the customer business competitiveness and building the flexible IT environment is provided for the customer fast.

Major Service Areas

  • Cloud Consulting
    The optimal cloud application and conversion strategy is supported on the basis of the result of the analysis on the customer business and IT service operation environment.
  • Cloud Building/Conversion
    The system design and IT environment based on the cloud service and the conversion from the system being operated by the customer to the stable cloud system are supported.
  • Cloud Management Service
    The stable and systematic IT operation service requested by the corporate customer is provided in the cloud environment.
  • Cloud Type
    Public Cloud: The system environment configuration and operation using the public cloud service such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. are supported.
    Private Cloud: The system configuration and operation using the HONE cloud of Hanwha Systems are supported.

Expected Effects

  • The environment is organized and changed as the cloud environment preferred by the customer.
  • The stable cloud service is supported with the equality and specialty suitable to the enterprise market.
  • The specialized consulting and the optimal technical assistance are promised in all stages of the cloud service.


  • Hanwha Systems is qualified as a professional service provider of all aspects of public cloud environment, including cloud architecture, migration, adoption, consultation and operation as Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, one of the world’s most renowned cloud service providers.
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  • Hanwha Systems provides public and private cloud services optimized for our customer’s requirements. Here are some of the cases of our excellent cloud service.


A&TES – Cloud-based Predictive Maintenance(PdM) Service

Client’s Requirement
An abrupt suspension of malfunctioning operation caused by malfunctioning of facilities, a large increase in the maintenance cost of the facilities, difficulties in assetization of the facilities
PdM solution played a key role in solving the issues by collecting data from facilities measurement, and maintenance history, analyzing the collected data and finally generating a predictive model based on the pattern of repetitive events that correlate with the passing of time.
Hanwha Systems has established a foundation for further promoting PdM technologies by building an automation pipeline for machine learning and collecting real-time data based on AWS. Our clients experienced increase in profits caused by advanced productivity, availability, and asset management in the aftermath of applying PdM solution, which predicts the mean time to failure of facility equipment and allows replacement of the parts that are expected to fail in advance, thus preventing accidents and excessive preventive maintenance.
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Mangrove Carbon Emission Management System

Client’s Requirement
Compliance with CO2 mitigation goals to address climate change and ESG, Reduction in costs by optimizing energy usage enhancement in client’s workflow
Hanwha Systems has developed a system that collects and monitors HVAC (Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) equipment data based on AWS IoT Platform and provided an AI-based carbon emission prediction model and a management service of the system. Furthermore, Hanwha Systems developed a building management system application based on cloud.
Reduction in maintenance costs and increased efficiency in operating facilities of the client’s building, one of the highest and the most remarkable landmarks in Korea, through effective control of air conditioning facilities based on prediction of electricity demands and carbon emissions.
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Establishment of Photovoltaic(PV) Power Generating Systems O&M and an AI Model

Client’s Requirement
A demand for establishing a prediction-based monitoring system for power plants to comply with the power generation guarantee due to concerns over worsening profitability when the annual power generation guarantee is not met, difficulty in comparing major data such as the amount of generated power and settlement in real time between power plants and systems; the possibility of forgery/modulation of records, security risk such as data leakage.
Hanwha Systems developed data collection/monitoring system based on AWS IoT Platform for solar O&M. AI-based predictive models and block chain technologies of the system increased efficiency in power plant management.
Our clients could avoid penalties charged for insufficient annual power generation guarantees and improve the accuracy of predicting short-term power generation, and ensure transparency, security, and integrity by registering major data of solar power plants on the block chain.
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