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Electronically Steerable Antenna

Super-Speed Space Internet Technology will Provide Fast Global Connectivity

Hanwha Systems is developing Low-Earth Orbit(LEO) satellite communication antennas based on its high-tech communication, sensor and ITC capabilities. LEO satellite constellations communication is one of the most promising future technologies that will provide 5G-LTE level high speed internet services via satellite constellations circling the Earth, and realize the vision of the space internet.
In an effort to advance into the future space internet business, Hanwha Systems has made investment in overseas companies that have technologies in electronically steerable satellite antenna area. By securing the cutting-edge satellite communication antenna technology, we will be able to support global connectivity, so that the people can access fast speed internet services from anywhere in the world.

Electronically Steerable Antenna System,
The key technology to realize the vision of hyper-connected “Space Internet”

We are developing ESA(Electronically Steerable Antenna) system, which can transmit and receive signals with LEO satellites in support of high speed internet services.
ESA antenna is mounted in airplane, ship, train, or other vehicles that travel over the air, sea, or remote areas where internet connection is not available or in those countries which cannot afford to build ground internet networks, to provide stable, high speed internet communication from anywhere in the world.

  • Mounted on
    Train or Car
  • LEO Satellite
  • Provides
    Stable, High-Speed
    Internet Services

Build Hyper-Connected, Super-Intelligent Network Over All the Domains Including Sea, Air and Ground

에어택시와 같은 PAV기체에 항공용 단말 장착을 통해 이동중에도 초고속 인터넷 연결 가능
  • M6

    Ground & Sea Platform

  • M10

    Air Platform Terminal

  • M13

    Large Volume Ground Platform Terminal/
    Seal Platform Terminal

  • ACT
    for Exclusive Use

    Small Sized Terminal
    For Special Purposes

Key Technology

ASIC 칩, 안테나 모듈, 전자식 위성통신 안테나 구조도
ASIC Chip In-house Design Capability and One of a Kind Technology for Chip Design
  • Developed ASIC Ship that can process high frequency signals from 4 antennas with less loss and high efficiency
  • Has one of a kind chip design technology that can change spectrums and element-level sizes and phases with one chip.
Flat Type Active Phased Array Antenna to Support Fast Beam Steering
  • No mechanical driving part is needed for beam steering, which provides a great advantage in terms of size, weight and maintenance & repair.
  • Light weight antenna capable of beam steering can be developed.
Modular & Scalable Structure Mountable to Various Platforms
  • Modular hardware structure with a greater scalability
  • Design can be custom-tailored to meet specific requirements of the customers. Can be mounted on various platforms including air/sea/ ground platforms.


  • High-speed & Reliable
    • Provides high speed internet
      to anywhere in the world
  • Flat & Light
    • Reduced size, weight and power
  • Cost-Effective
    • Low or no cost burden on ground network
    • Low or no cost burden on network maintenance
      or network increase
  • Modular
    • Modular/scalable structure that allows for
      installation on various platforms per the
      customer requirements