• Defense

    ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

    With its cutting-edge Radar and optronics technologies widely applied to land, sea, air and space platforms,
    Hanwha Systems is leading the development of the most secure ISR systems to defend South Korea

  • Defense

    C5I Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and

    Hanwha Systems is establishing itself as the leader of Command and Control
    businesses, which are the core elements of Network-Centric Warfare.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems has an unrivalled, in-house R&D capability for naval combat systems.
    Also, we are capable of developing Korea’s top level naval sensors,
    integrated firing solution and naval unmanned systems.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is a leader in aerospace electronics and space business in Korea.
    We have a strong in-house R&D capabilities to support system
    integration for aerospace devices.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is leading the future trend for ground forces’ capabilities based on its mission-oriented,
    cutting-edge land combat systems.

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    Hanwha Systems is providing optimum ILS solutions to cover the entire lifecycle of
    weapon systems from the development phase and throughout the system deployment
    and maintenance to the maximum satisfaction of the customers.

Naval Systems

We are providing naval combat systems which play the role of brain for the naval vessels at the naval warfare, as well as other naval systems including unmanned naval systems that perform reconnaissance and combat missions, etc. Naval System is at heart of naval warfare solutions that would protect the ships against the threat of the enemy attacks or obstacles, and ensure that naval vessels fulfill their missions at both surface or underwater operations.
In order to support multi-mission operations and expand its operation areas, ROK Navy is pursuing to build new ships, enhance existing ships and deploy unmanned naval systems. In line with such efforts, we will provide hyper-connected, autonomous, intelligent and unmanned naval system solutions, so as to maximize the fighting strength of the Navy.

Hanwha Systems, Korea’s unmatched naval combat system-specialized company, is advancing towards the global market based on its excellent technologies
Naval combat system, being compared to the brain of a naval vessel, is an automated weapon system which integrates and connects all the sensors, weapons systems, navigation aid systems via the networks; generates and shares integrated tactical situation information; assesses tactical situations; makes commanding decisions; allocates weapons; and provides effective engagement supports, etc. Our combat system is designed to have an open, distributed structure by using the global standard open architecture.
It can be configured into various forms to support specific missions and features of each naval vessel. In addition, it is implementing integrated designs for multi-tactical data links, which is essential for integrated operations, as well as ergonomics designs to accommodate the user convenience and secure enhanced operability and maintainability.