IT Service The customized service specialized in the customer
with the outstanding IT capacity and know-how is provided.

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Application Management service

The financial industry is the area where the trend of the digital innovation generated from the IT technology occurs the most actively.
Hanwha Systems develops the business model customized to the fast change of the financial environment and the new service on the basis
of the various know-hows accumulated in the financial area and the advanced IT technological prowess.

Advanced Application Management Services
for Global Competitiveness

Do you need the service for securing the global competitiveness and for preparing the future growth engine?
Hanwha Systems helps the customer to have the process of the global advanced company level by providing
the customer with the service needed for customer to have the global corporate competitiveness including the application operation,
maintenance, and function and performance improvement.

Service Overview

Pursuit of the Business Innovation with the Flexible System Operation
The customers of Hanwha Systems include all of the manufacturing, defense, service, leisure, construction, distribution, and financial industry groups. Accordingly, the service system and process are optimized by establishing the service operation system based on the international standards ISO 20000 ITIL with the timely market response system secured with the steady service improvement from the aspect of the product lifecycle analysis and with the world-class IT service provided.
Necessary Item for Work Efficiency and Productivity Increase
Especially, it makes a full preparation on managing the customer-friendly work efficiency and productivity increase to flexibly respond to the future change and to access the service essence requested by the customer.
The application management service of Hanwha Systems enhancing the customer value one step higher and providing the various premium services to strengthen the corporate competence is right beside you

Shared ServiceGroupware, HRM, HRD, Smart work

Hanwha Systems Application Management Service + Premium Service
Financial IndustryCore banking system
(legacy system) Channel system,
online analysis processing
system mobile, and big data
Manufacturing and Defense IndustriesERP, MES, SCM, etc.
Smart factory
Service, Leisure,
and Distribution Industries
Management information systems
CRM, POS, etc.
Mobile, big data, and
cloud service

Service Areas

Hanwha Systems growing with affiliates

The ITO (IT Outsourcing) of Hanwha Systems provides various services to Hanwha Group and grows with the affiliates of Hanwha Group. The services of Hanwha Systems providing the integrated solution service combining the professional engineer with the solution is as follows.

  • Application Management Service
    The application system of the various industry groups is operated and maintained stably and reliably.
  • ERP Operation Service
    The SAP- and ORACLE-based ERP system being very important to the corporate management is operated and maintained stably with the ERP new technology led.
  • Groupware Service
    The system commonly used by the officers and staffs of Hanwha Group including the groupware, HRM/HRD, etc. is operated. Especially, the smart work of Hanwha Group is led by building the mobile scheduling, e-mail, and conference integrated management system and the cloud-based workplace.
  • Business Enabler Service
    The system competitiveness of the customer is strengthened more through the global advanced case benchmarking, IT analysis and consulting, and the customized pre-proposal.

Application field

Providing services that reflect a variety of industry characteristics

Hanwha System has the know-how and capabilities accumulated in various industries, including manufacturing/defence, service/leisure/financial.

  • Manufacturing and Defense Industries The differentiated success case is provided by providing the factory-oriented ERP, MES, and SCM services which are the characteristics of an optimal best manufacturing industry group. Moreover, in order to do the leading role in the smart factory area guiding the 4th industrial revolution, a new level of the strategic success is ensured by collecting the internal factory information based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and by performing the big data analysis service for process efficiency and demand forecasting.
  • Service, Leisure, Construction, and Distribution Industries Hanwha Systems supports the customer marketing through the CRM-oriented big data analysis for customer service satisfaction and expands the service areas with the location-based service using the recent Beacon (wireless LAN technology) and with the online and offline convergent services such as O2O, omni-channel, etc.
  • Financial Industry It makes an effort on improving the service quality for the optimal legacy and online analysis processing systems in the life insurance, fire insurance, and securities areas and provides the full range of support for the IT system related to the mobile-oriented big data strategy of the customer including the mobile channel, easy payment, and big data analysis to become the leading company of FinTech and the big data.

Expected Effects

  • The key business competitiveness is secured with the contribution to the value creation through the future business insight and the advanced technical competence.
  • The competitive advantage is provided with the new technology leading opportunity prepared by reducing the operation cost of the customer and by building the efficient process.
  • Quality Management System Quality Management
    ISO 9001
  • IT Service Management System IT Service Management
    ISO 20000
  • Information Security Management System Information Security
    Management System
    ISO 27001