• Defense

    ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

    With its cutting-edge Radar and optronics technologies widely applied to land, sea, air and space platforms,
    Hanwha Systems is leading the development of the most secure ISR systems to defend South Korea

  • Defense

    C5I Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and

    Hanwha Systems is establishing itself as the leader of Command and Control
    businesses, which are the core elements of Network-Centric Warfare.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems has an unrivalled, in-house R&D capability for naval combat systems.
    Also, we are capable of developing Korea’s top level naval sensors,
    integrated firing solution and naval unmanned systems.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is a leader in aerospace electronics and space business in Korea.
    We have a strong in-house R&D capabilities to support system
    integration for aerospace devices.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is leading the future trend for ground forces’ capabilities based on its mission-oriented,
    cutting-edge land combat systems.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is providing optimum ILS solutions to cover the entire lifecycle of
    weapon systems from the development phase and throughout the system deployment
    and maintenance to the maximum satisfaction of the customers.



TLCSM Based Total ILS Solution

  • Requirement
    for Pilot Study
  • Exploratory
    ILS Element Development
    Simultaneous development of weapons systems, logistics suppor-tability design and ILS element development
    Test Equipment Development
    Development of test equipment required for maintenance and
  • System
  • Field
  • Operation
    Post Production Support
    • Post production support for main system’s operation and maintenance
    • Test equipment manufacturing and post production support
  • Decommissioning

* ILS : Integrated Logistics Support   * TLCSM : Total Life Cycle System Management

4th Industrial Revolution-based ILS(IPS) Element Development

  • VR(Virtual Reality) Training Equipment
    To perform operation and maintenance simulations by utilizing VR devices with 3D models of actual equipment in the virtual space. This can maximize the users’ sense of emersion, providing outstanding procedure learning and training tools.
  • PHM(Prognostics and Health Management)
    To offer more advanced maintenance concepts by using prognostics for possible disorders and maintaining the systems’ health, rather than fixing disorders afterwards. PHM optimizes disorder prognostics and work orders, thus maximizing the system availability as well as remaining service life of the systems, while ultimately driving down operation and maintenance costs.
  • AR(Augmented Reality) Training Equipment
    To utilize AR devices in order to get objects scanned by the camera and display 3D models and information on a real time basis. This can be used for trainings without any limitation of physical locations (for the scanning of equipment and documents.)


To Offer Total MRO Solution to Ensure the Best Combat Readiness

Total MRO
  • End User
  • Maintenance
    for Repair &
  • Repair Parts
  • ILS
  • Obsolescence
  • System
  • PIP
  • HW/SW
  • IT Services
  • Main System
  • Technical

Operating Service Centers Near the Customers

  • Pochun
  • Chunchun
  • Pyeongtaek
  • Donghae
  • Gumi
  • Changwon
  • Jinhae
  • Mokpo(To be open)
  • Pochun Center
  • Chunchun Center
  • Changwon Center
  • HSC’s Gumi Site
  • Jinhae Center
  • Donghae Center
  • Pyeongtaek Center
  • Mokpo Center
    (To be open)

Leading Advanced MRO Business

PBL(Performance-based Logistics) Support
To sign long-term contracts with the contractors in order to ensure stable provision of military supplies. Under PBL schemes, the end users present performance indicators, while the contractors provide all or a part of ILS elements.
  • [KSAM Search and Tracking System PBL]

  • [K1 System PBL]

LTS(Life Time Support)
A new concept of maintenance business that provides for systematic and proactive management of weapons systems from the initial installation on the platforms until the decommissioning
  • [Combat System LTS Maintenance]