IT Service The customized service specialized in the customer
with the outstanding IT capacity and know-how is provided.

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Infra Management Service

The optimal IT infra service suitable to the corporate management of the customer is provided.

The Optimal Infra Solution Service Responding
to Various IT Environments

The infra management service of Hanwha Systems is equipped with specialty and competitiveness
by having done the various network consulting, building, operation, and maintenance for the various industries such as explosive,
defense industry, machinery, distribution, chemical, construction, and finance and for the overseas customers for a long time.
It is making the much more stable and more reliable optimal network environment with customers by implementing the high level network architecture with the building of the mobile-oriented smart work infra service recently. Hanwha Systems provides the systematic IT infra to respond to the various IT platforms of customers and to protect the IT property.

Service Overview

The Global Network Service
of the International Standard
Hanwha Systems provides the global network service environment suitable to the various industries on the basis of the international standard models such as the IT service control international standard of ISO 20000 and the information protection international standard of ISO 27001.
The Optimal IT Solution Suitable
to the Company Business
The best service is guaranteed by ensuring the business continuity to fit into the management system necessity for resolving the problem with the communication between business and IT, for having confidence in the IT cost, and for pursuing the business value.

Major Service Areas

  • Network Management Service
    In order to jump to the future smart green data center, the fast and stable network environment and service are provided through the Hanwha data center built in 2011. The Hanwha data center consisting of the broadband network provides the stable customer accessibility anytime anywhere and is managed perfectly 24 hours 365 days to perform the smooth network service.
  • Network Control Service
    It prepares for the security accident with the systematic record management of the flow and access of the digital resources, takes an action by detecting the abnormal symptom of the network or the part vulnerable to security, and secures the more stable customer business through the network analysis and the resource management and the real-time traffic analysis.
  • Mobile Infra Service
    Hanwha Systems provides the optimal wireless LAN service by doing the consulting service after the direct site survey on the wireless environment of the customer and secures integrity through the service speed improvement, the user authentication, and the wireless data encryption.
  • Global Communication Network Service
    Hanwha Systems enhances the company operation and the work efficiency through the various smart devices by providing the next generation integrated network service for incessantly and stably using the broadband multimedia service converging communication, broadcasting, and the Internet anytime anywhere. Especially, the various services such as the Internet, data transmission, Internet phone (VoIP (Voice Internet Protocol), video phone, IPTV, and multimedia are performed, and the solution optimized for the customer environment is provided.
Wireless Network Configuration
Wireless Network Configuratio
  • Detecting and blocking the illegal AP, providing the strong wireless LAN certification and security, encrypting the wireless section, and protecting the internal information resource
  • The maximum 1.3Gbps wireless LAN service through the high performance AP with the 3X3 MIMO technology mounted for the first time in the industry
  • The centralized convenient integrated wireless LAN management and the optimal wireless environment
  • The best performance wireless service of the wireless network standard
  • Establishing the systematic security policy on the smart terminal used internally

Expected Effects

  • Improving the global business competitiveness with the 24 hours control service
  • Improving the customer service quality through the international standard model
  • Improving the productivity and the work satisfaction by building the high quality network infra
  • Improving the business stability based on the advanced IT network specialty