Security Hanwha Systems effectively responds
to the intelligent and sophisticated security threat and takes care of safety.

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Cyber Security

Protecting your cyber space from malign threats.

Providing AI-based intelligent security solution and services


Hanwha Systems provides for intelligent security solutions as well as security system building based on the combination of future innovative technologies such as AI and big data analysis. Also our top-notch security experts are delivering services for the security detection/analysis/response.

Service Areas

By leveraging its extensive experiences in security surveillance service and defense cyber R&D projects, Hanwha Systems are providing intelligent threat detection solutions, IoT security solutions, Cloud data security solution products/system building and intelligent security services.

  • Intelligent Threat Detection Solution
    The core of cyber security which provides analysis based on collected data on security events
  • IoT Security Solution
    Threat detection and response to various IoT devices
  • Cloud Data Security Solution
    Threat detection and response concerning cloud data