IT Service The customized service specialized in the customer
with the outstanding IT capacity and know-how is provided.

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System Management Service

The customer business efficiency is enhanced with the optimal server resource management and the IT infra management service.

It provides the IT infra and professional
consulting strengthening stability and security.

The system management service of Hanwha Systems provides the incessant IT service for the global enterprise business customers 365 days a year. It has the best IT infra management service suitable to the customer requests from the server resource calculation to hardware and software installation, maintenance, upgrade, patch, backup, and recovery and is fully prepared to have the customer always maintain the best work condition.
If the efficient and productive business is wanted, Hanwha Systems finds the solution.

Service Overview

Optimal IT service through compliance with international standards
The system management service of Hanwha Systems strictly complies with the global security rules including the IT service management international standard of ISO 20000, the information protection certification of ISO 27001, the information protection management system certification of ISMS, and the cloud security system international certification of ISO/IEC 27017. It has the stability and technological prowess at the customer’s desired level or more and does its best to provide the optimal IT service desired by the customer.
Provided service
  • Management of hardware including the physical and virtual servers and storage of the system and software operation
  • System resource management and provisioning
  • The continuity of the centralized system monitoring 365 days a year
  • The enterprise system backup and the emergency recovery
  • The online dispersed backup (VTL storage) in the remote place in preparation for data loss

Business Areas

Hanwha Systems has the business performance experience and the system operation know-how in the various areas such as finance, manufacturing, and service. The customized services including infra capacity calculation, monitoring, performance management, backup management, infra fault management, change management, and comprehensive reporting are provided accordingly. Especially, Hanwha Systems prepared the solution and system focusing on the IT service. Beyond the application unit, the more efficient and faster system management service is provided by effectively linking the customer business transaction with the IT resource infra.

  • Server Operation
    The expert understanding the overall knowledge on the hardware such as server, storage, SAN switch, and network equipment, AIX, LINUX, and Windows Server OS operates the server. The IT infra is provided to have the customer operate the system safely through the detailed analysis and review on the system newly built or being operated at the customer’s request.
  • DB Operation
    Oracle, Tibero, MS-SQL, Sybase or the open source DBMS commercialized locally and overseas are managed, and all the processes on the system operation such as the DB engine management, performance and fault monitoring, object management, backup, and recovery are performed. The database performance is enhanced more by doing the more diversified system analysis including the SQL analysis and tuning, the data use trend analysis, and the various statistical analyses.
  • WAS Operation
    The commercial software such as Weblogic, JEUS, Websphere, etc. and the open source WEB/WAS such as Apache, Jboss, etc. are operated. The middleware possibly playing the bridge role of the server, the DB infra, the Java application is built for service. Furthermore, Hanwha Systems continues to improve the WAS performance to provide the customer with the optimized web service.
  • SAP Infra Operation
    The SAP BC (Basic Consultant) who is the IT expert system administrator operates the SAP ERP system infra including the hardware selection, overall system configuration and installation mattes, user management, change application, monitoring and tuning, and linkage with the external interface.


Hanwha Systems generously supports the customer business operation with the best condition by keeping pace with the global technology trend. Especially, Hanwha Systems has the solution and system oriented toward the IT service beyond the application unit. The more efficient and faster system operation service can be provided by effectively linking with the customer business transaction and IT resource infra.

Expected Effects

  • Maximizing the efficient infra resource management with the specialty of only the ICD Division of Hanwha Systems
  • Promptly responding to the fault with the steady monitoring service 365 days a year
  • Ensuring the business stability with the correct and prompt data backup and recovery
  • Optimizing the operation system with the steady quality improvement service