Digital Transformation The 4th industrial revolution era!
Hanwha Systems leads the new future and paradigm based on the key technological prowess.

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Artificial Intelligence

The digital innovation and value are added to the customer business with the AI technology know-how.

Digital innovation is achieved
with the business process intelligence of the AI expert.

The goal of promptly securing the values of the tangible and intangible assets specialized for each industry
and of building the manufacturing-oriented Predictive/Opt.AI (predictive maintenance and process optimization AI) is pursued.


Optimal Business Process Intelligence for Digital Innovation
Hanwha Systems has been carrying out the structured and unstructured data analyses occurring from various industries including manufacturing, service, and finance for the successful digital innovation. the optimal business process is being intellectualized through the various kinds of know-how and insight.
Possession of multiple AI Experts for the Expansive AI Introduction
Hanwha Systems possesses the experience in building the platform for doing the unstructured data analysis on voice, video, and image and the structured data analysis on the natural language and a lot of AI experts. Hanwha Systems watch up the expansion of the AI introduction of the market and continue to expand the manpower demand and supply and the investment further.

Service Areas

AI is the innovative technology possibly used and applied in the various industries. Only if the customer request and the information suitable to it are available anytime, the analysis and modeling on various issues can be done. The AI technology know-how on the automation of the insurance review, the decision on the product defect, the customer and demand analysis, and video information abnormality detection having been accumulated by Hanwha Systems for a long time will stimulate the customer business more.

Expected Effects

The application scope of AI is various from the work efficiency improvement to cost reduction and marketing capacity strengthening. The great effect can be obtained from the clear application purpose and area. In case of the insurance company, the review cost is reduced with the customer satisfaction enhanced by automating the review process introducing AI.