• Defense

    ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

    With its cutting-edge Radar and optronics technologies widely applied to land, sea, air and space platforms,
    Hanwha Systems is leading the development of the most secure ISR systems to defend South Korea

  • Defense

    C5I Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and

    Hanwha Systems is establishing itself as the leader of Command and Control
    businesses, which are the core elements of Network-Centric Warfare.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems has an unrivalled, in-house R&D capability for naval combat systems.
    Also, we are capable of developing Korea’s top level naval sensors,
    integrated firing solution and naval unmanned systems.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is a leader in aerospace electronics and space business in Korea.
    We have a strong in-house R&D capabilities to support system
    integration for aerospace devices.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is leading the future trend for ground forces’ capabilities based on its mission-oriented,
    cutting-edge land combat systems.

  • Defense


    Hanwha Systems is providing optimum ILS solutions to cover the entire lifecycle of
    weapon systems from the development phase and throughout the system deployment
    and maintenance to the maximum satisfaction of the customers.


Hanwha Systems is providing the core solutions for space and air business by utilizing its technologies secured in ISR, C5I, Naval systems areas.
For space area, We are participating in military reconnaissance satellite programs of which the purpose is to build up military superiority by obtaining near-real time status information on the Korean Peninsular and its surrounding arears. We are also providing electro-optics and SAR payloads to be mounted on mid-to-large sized satellites as well as the system and payload development solutions for micro-satellites.
Regarding air business area, we are offering avionics solutions which play the key roles for fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned aircrafts.
Going forward, We will provide core solutions for hyper-connected, intelligent and unmanned low-orbit satellite systems and manned-unmanned collaborative aircrafts, furthering our client’s military capabilities in space and air domains.

  • Avionics

    Hanwha Systems is developing
    the core avionics devices for KF21.

    For the local development of KF21, Hanwha Systems is working on the mission and display
    system integration and the development of key devices including electro-optics,
    AESA radar, etc. Read more
  • Satellite Sensor

    Small SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) Satellite

    Enabling effective response to the future security environment.
    Building in-house R&D capabilities to develop small SAR satellite constellation. Read more
  • Avionics

    Integrated Avionics Solution

    Supporting integration and inter-operability of system units
    as required by aircraft’s mission performance Read more

Hanwha Systems is developing core components for satellite and aerospace mission sensors, electronics, survival and communication devices, contributing to enhancing ROK Forces’ military capabilities.
In Korea, We are the only company who can provide both satellite EO(Electro-Optics), IR(Infra-Red) and SAR payload. Our satellite optronics modules and SAR modules allows for near-real time surveillance of the Korean Peninsula and neighboring countries. We also supplies various terminals for military satellite communication networks including the network controller, which can maximize the effects of Ground, Navy and Air Forces’ joint operations. For aerospace field, We are developing mission censors, mission computers, displays, survival systems and the most advanced avionics technologies where optronics, radar and ISR area’s key technologies are applied.<>