IT Service The customized service specialized in the customer
with the outstanding IT capacity and know-how is provided.

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Cloud Management Service

Experience the fast and convenient hybrid cloud environment anytime anywhere.

The more robust Hanwha Systems cloud management service
with the acquisition of the international certification on security

The cloud management service of Hanwha Systems provides the high quality IT infra resources fast and stably at the date wanted by the customer. The HONE Cloud solution of Hanwha Systems is advocated as the Hanwha number ONE Cloud. Its technological prowess is recognized internationally by acquiring the international cloud security certification of ISO 27017.

Service Overview

Real-Time Cloud Service HONE Cloud
HONE Cloud is built on the basis of the OpenStack positioned as the cloud standard and provides the customer with the server, storage, network, backup, security, and managed (server management) service through the user portal.
Cloud Service Optimized for Business
The advantages of HONE Cloud are economic efficiency and promptness. The customer doesn’t have to suffer from the introduction of the IT infra in advance. Service can be used by the required quantity at the required time so that it is effective for the fast business response and the cost reduction.

Service Areas

Hanwha Systems provides the IT infra needed by the customer fast and safely through the Hon cloud service. A customer can use the IT infra conveniently in the private cloud environment. Hanwha Systems expands the service areas to the private cloud service provided IaaS with organization secure and comliant, PaaS, SaaS, and the public cloud.

  • Server service
    • Provide server resources with vCore and Memory units
    • Select server resources combination for purposes and Provide various products foe use
    • Provide template-based standard image template
  • Back up·security Service
    • Provide data storage and restoration for OS and volumes
    • Provide network access block service inside and outside the virtual server
    • Provide information on other IT infrastructure
  • Storage service
    • Provide the volume (disk) which needs access to the server data to the server
    • Upload massive data files and download
    • Share the file system with various users
  • Network service
    • Provide network connection among servers and outside the server
    • Provide load balancing to distribute the traffic for the purpose of preventing the traffic concentration to certain servers


Quantitative Effect

The TCO analysis in the case study of the customer in the manufacturing sector shows that the customer can expect the cost-saving effect of 22% for 5 years in the case of using the cloud service compared to the on-premise method.

On-premise vs. cloud cost generation comparison
  • 56% of the total cost in the 1st year for the existing on-premise
  • Cost with consistent cost generation for the cloud service
  • 28% of the 1st year-cost compared to the on-premise for the cloud service
1 year
56% of the total cost
28% of the on-Permise

Qualitative Effect

The customer is provided fast with the necessary IT infra through HONE Cloud anytime and can use it in the private cloud environment strengthening security.

Features of HONE Cloud
Providing the Prompt IT Infra
· It is possible to greatly reduce the IT infra provision time from several weeks to just a few minutes.
· It is possible to respond to the transilient digital business environment change.
Easily Expanding and Collecting Resources
As the resources required by the customer can be allocated and used, the waste of unnecessary resources can be prevented.
Providing the Environment Specialized for Each Customer
The specialized service environment enabling the response to the industrial regulation by organizing the exclusive rack and the separate cloud for each customer is provided.
Strengthening the IT Infra Security
It is possible to use the service in the safer environment by providing the private cloud environment strengthening the security of the multiple firewalls more.


Security Stability
The HONE Cloud service acquired ISO 27017 to comply with the international security procedure on September 6, 2016. The safer state-of-the-art cloud management service is provided for customers.
Selection Versatility
The HONE Cloud service provides the cloud VM and the bare-metal (Physical server) VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) suitably to the various digital business environments of customers. The customer can use the HONE Cloud service selectively suitably to the computer environment and work allocation of each individual.
ISO 27017 ISO 27017

The international certificate system which handles guidelines for the security control and implementation protection for the cloud security of the cloud service provider