Security Hanwha Systems effectively responds
to the intelligent and sophisticated security threat and takes care of safety.

현재 페이지경로

Smart Surveillance

The optimal security system wanted by the customer including security, safety, guard, and supervision can be built.

The state-of-the-art intelligent integrated security
solution meeting the customer needs is provided.


Hanwha Systems builds the intelligent integrated security platform requested in the 4th industrial revolution era to comprehensively and systematically analyze the customer requests on security, safety, guard, and monitoring and to provide the optimal security system wanted by the customer.

Service Areas

The optimal solution applicable to the advanced public security, facility security, and border security on the basis of the capability of the System Division of Hanwha Systems on the monitoring and surveillance sensor of the defense industry and communication N/W and the experience of the ICT Division in the building project is provided.

  • Public Security
    Monitoring the stealth, fire, emergency, and terror threat in the downtown
  • Facility Security
    Monitoring the access of the visitors to the infrastructures such as major building, factories, and nuclear power plants and preventing accidents
  • Border Security
    Monitoring the border and outsider penetration for preventing smuggling, crimes, and terrors in the border and the coastline