Electronic Warfare System

EW System collects, tracks and analyzes electronic threat signals from battlefield environment and send the information to the friendly forces. By utilizing collected information, EW protects the friendly forces and paralyze the enemy forces’ radar systems and communications to help the friendly forces to accomplish their missions.
Hanwha Systems has the core capabilities for EW Systems in ground, air and naval areas. Our engineers are making constant efforts to deal with ever-evolving EW threats. By fully leveraging its tops-notch defense technology, we will continuously provide solutions most effective and adequate for the future warfare environment.

  • Global level, high performing
    Information, EW Technology Capabilities
  • Effective Solutions to Collect the
    Enemy’s Operation Information and
    improve the Friendly Forces’
  • Protection of Command, Control,
    Communication and EW Systems
    Against the Adversary’s EW Activities



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    TAC-ELINT System

    전술전자 정보수집체계 제품
    TAC-ELINT(Tactical-Electronic Intelligence) System can accurately detect all radar threat information in complex radio environment.
    It also has the location detection capability required for precision direction finding. So, the key firing data Including radar’s location coordinates can be transmitted to the data analysis center(Ground Processor Device).
    Threat information sent to the ground base will be subject to further analysis before being disseminated to other systems to be used as the essential information for the military operation.
  • LAH Aircraft

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    LAH Aircraft Survivability Equipment

    소형무장헬기 항공생존체계 제품
    Airborne Survivability Equipment is installed on helicopter or transport plane to secure the survivability of aircrafts against the enemy’s radar threats. It has integrated survivability functions including survivability equipment’s component control and management, integrated threat response, etc.
    Radar alarm receiver with integrated survivability functions can make an integrated management of radar threats, infrared threats detected by each survivability equipment and laser threats, significantly improving survivability of aircrafts.
  • EW UAV

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    EW UAV

    전자전무인기 제품
    EW UAV installs EW devices inside UAV in order to detect, track and analyze the enemy’s military communication signals and utilize them as the friendly forces’ military operation information.
    EW jammers mounted on UAV can infiltrate into the enemy territory and disable the enemy’s communication networks and radar, maximizing the friendly forces’ operational capabilities.
  • Ground ELINT

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    Ground ELINT System

    지상 전자정보 수집체계 제품
    Ground ELINT(Electronic Signals Intelligence) System is a high-performing ground electronic signal intelligence collection system to acquire high value intelligence information in the future battlefield environment. This system can operate 24 hours/ 7 days a week without any stoppage.
  • Passive Monitoring

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    Passive Monitoring System

    수동형 감시체계 제품
    Passive Monitoring System detects electromagnetic waves emanating from LPI(Low Probability of Intercept)or target-reflected signals generated from the 3rd radio wave source, and provides precise 3-dimensional location coordinates of the target.
  • Mobile
    COMINT System

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    Mobile COMINT System

    이동형 통신정보 수집체계 제품
    Mobile COMINT(Communication Intelligence) System is made up of either vehicular or pull type.
    It is capable of detecting, wiretapping, direction-finding or locating signals in communication bandwidth to generate required information or providing intelligence information on enemy targets.
  • Small UAV
    defense System

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    Small UAV defense system

    소형무인기 대응체계 제품
    It provides detecting and tracking threats of small UAVs thru radar and EO∙IR operates jammer to neutralize and make targets to deviate from normal track. It is developed as a movable system to optimize interoperability.
    It is self-powered by internal electric generator supporting the high-powered electronic jamming on mountains and open terrains.
    The operation room in the mobility is designed for electromagnetic shielding to secure operator’s safety in high-powered electronic jamming.
  • Naval EW System

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    Naval EW system

    함정용 전자전체계 제품
    It is a key device to protect government and public infrastructure from drone threat. It is equipped with radar and EO∙IR sensors that can detect and track drones and even ultra low-speed drones. Hanwha Systems’ drone detection radar interoperated with EO∙IR is a low-cost, small-sized, and light with low-power consumed system. It can be moved and installed regardless of locations.