Based on more than 15 years of datalink system and terminal development experience and know-hows, Hanwha Systems secured advanced technologies for T4 (274Mbps) CDL(Common Datalink) and Link-16/22 tactical datalink systems and terminals.
Hanwha Systems completed KVMF system development(ground tactical datalink) and JTDLS Basic Type and Completion Type development, thus successfully establishing Korea’s Link-K Network(Extended Weapon datalink).

  • More than 15 years of Tactical datalink
    system and terminal Development
  • Secured advanced technologies for
    designing T4(274Mbps) CDL and
    Link-16/22 overseas tactical datalink
    system and terminal development
  • Developed KVMF system, Korea’s
    common datalink standard, and JTDLS
    Basic & Completion Types. Built Korea’s
    Link-K Network.


  • Tactical Datalink for
    JTDLS Complete
    System (Link-K)

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    Tactical Datalink for JTDLS Complete System (Link-K)

    JTDLS 완성형급 전술데이터링크 (Link-K) 제품
    High Speed Anti-Jamming TDL terminal is the common terminal for ground, naval air platforms, which is used for building Korea’s JTDLS Completion Type networks. All the functions of overseas MIDS-LVT terminal functions have been locally developed, allowing for processing Link-K messages.
    This enable ROK Forces to independently conduct surveillance of land, sea and air space of the Korean Peninsula.
    In addition, L-band radar operation frequency is to be shared to avoid the issue of unavailability of frequency bands, thus building JTDLS Completion Type networks without impacting inter-system Communication.
    • TDL 단말 제품

      TDL Terminal

      Development of CSMA based tactical datalink mobile terminal

    • TDLS 응용연구 제품

      TDLS Applied Research

      Korea Type Tactical Datalink Transceiver Prototype

    • JTDLS 기본형 무선모뎀 제품

      JTDLS Basic Type Wireless Modem

      Development of modems to be mounted on JTDLS Basic Type System’s ground naval and air platforms to establish wireless networks

    • JTDLS 기본형 지상/해상 DLP 제품

      JTDLS Basic Type Ground/ Naval DLP(Data Link Processor)

      Development of DLP optimized for JTDLS Basic Type’s ground, naval and air platforms

    • 고속 항재밍 TDL 단말 제품

      High Speed Anti-Jamming TDL Terminal

      Development of air platform terminal applicable to JTDLS Completion Type and development of DPL transceiver operable on ground and naval platforms

  • Korea-Variable
    Message Format

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    (Korea-Variable Message Format)

    지상전술데이터 링크체계 (KVMF) 제품
    KVMF terminals capable of transmitting battlefield situations and ISR data are installed on tank/armored vehicles or helicopters to support effective mission operations.
    KVMF provides interfaces with ground tactical C4I systems and B2CS for integrated operations.
    • 지휘통제 기능 단말 제품
    • 지휘통제 기능 단말 제품
    • 지휘통제 기능 단말 제품
    • 지휘통제 기능 단말 제품
    • 지휘통제 기능 단말 제품
    KVMF standard messages are utilized to share battlefield situations and implement command and control functions.
    • - One piece terminal that can be interfaced with various HW
    • - Provides battlefield situation awareness functions using KVMF
    • - Applies ruggedized hardware specifications(MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461) suitable for the operation of military vehicles
    Network Switch Box