Defense Satellite Communication System(ANASYS)-II

ANASYS-II is the geosynchronous-orbit satellite-based military communication system to support the mobility and survivability of ROK forces within the ROK Forces’ operation area including the Korean Peninsula by using military satellite terminals only, without relaying on any other ground, sea or air communication facilities.
During normal times, ANASYS provides for ensures stable and flexible communication backbone for NCW. At war, ANASYS can be the communication means of the last resort.
Hanwha Systems is developing ANASYS-II prototypes, including network control systems, which are the key elements of control unit, modems applied to all terminal types and subscriber devices. Our other satellite device development efforts include Fly-away Satellite Terminal for brigade level C2 and portable satellite terminals for battalion-level C2 and Deep Battle Operation.

  • Backbone Communication System
    to ensure mobility and survivability
  • Provides stable and flexible
    communication links for NCW
  • developing integrated model,
    network controller, and 3 satellite
    terminal prototypes such as
    fly-away and portable terminals


  • Fly-away Satellite

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    Fly-away Satellite Terminal

    군위성통신체계-II 운반용 위성단말 (URC-720) 제품
    Movable by 2 signal corpsmen. Can be fixed on a certain location for operation.
    Brigade level C2 terminal. Provides tactical maneuverability and operational survivability thru IP-based voice and data transmission.
  • Portable Satellite

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    Portable Satellite Terminal

    군위성통신체계-II 휴대용 위성단말 (PRC-821K) 제품
    Portable terminal that can be carried, set-up and operated by one single soldier.
    Used as a reporting terminal to Battalion Command and Control Post or a mission operation terminal for Deep Battle Operation.
  • Network Controller

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    Network Controller

    군위성통신체계-II 망제어기 (BRC-901K) 제품
    Provides network controls for ANASYS-II integrated networks and 3 links of distributed unit networks.
    Supports DAMA·PAMA multiple access, Hub-spoke, Mesh and Hybrid network topologies.
  • Modem &
    Subscriber Devices

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    Modems & Subscriber Devices

    군위성통신체계-II 모뎀·가입자장치 (FSQ-710K) 제품
    In order to provide interfaces with high speed basic links of all satellite terminals, ECCM links and low speed basic links of ANASYS-II, 7 types of modems and 7 types of subscriber devices are available. These devices provide large volume data, ECCM capabilities and multi-channel links.