IFF MODE-5(Identification Friend or Foe MODE-5)

IFF MODE-5 is a radar based identification system that sends out encrypted signal to airplanes or naval vessels and waits for the response in order to identify friend or foe.
By taking advantage of its experience and technology acquired from IFF Mode-4 PIP, Hanwha Systems is developing IFF MODE-5 devices and integrated programs to support IFF for airplane/naval vessel/air defense weapon systems.
IFF MODE-5 devices are comprised of transponder, encryptor, interrogator, control panel, etc. IFF devices are mounted on airplane, naval vessel, air defense weapon systems, etc., to distinguish friend from foe during military operation. IFF devices are mandatorily required to support both independent or allied operations in order to avoid so-called ‘friendly fire’ incidents.
Our participation for IFF MODE-5 is particularly significant as its IFF MODE-5 device, APX-119, is an locally manufactured, enhanced device to be mounted to 17 types of air platforms including UH-60. Therefore, Hanwha Systems stands to gain much needed capabilities for airplane system integration from this program, which will greatly help us take part as an airplane modification company in the future programs including KT/A-1, T-50, KUH-series PIP, etc. When IFF MODE-5 Program is completed, it will support effective joint operations involving airplanes and naval vessels, improving the survivability and operational capabilities as well.

  • US DoD IFF Certification Program
    AIMS Approval
  • Improved Security and Stability By
    Applying Cutting-edge LPI(Low
    Probability Intercept) and Anti-
    jamming technologies
  • Panel improvement to address
    analogue control inconveniences
  • Encryptor-separated design
    convenient for the users in terms of
    making Interface with TCAS2 and
    doing maintenance
피아식별장치: 항공 Airborne, 해상 Naval, 방호/감시정찰 Air Defense/Surveillance


  • Control Panel
  • Transponder
  • Interrogator