TICN (Tactical Information Communication Network)

Tactical communication networks to secure C4I·PGM’s integrated combat capabilities in NCW (Network Centric Warfare) environment.
TICN provides for strategic/tactical command, control and communication in support of ROK Forces’ mission operations at both war times and normal times.

  • Supports tactical communication as
    the backbone system for ‘Sensor To
  • Assures integrated combat capabilities in NCW environment
  • Supports strategic, tactical command, control and communication at both
    war and normal times


  • Tactical Mobile
    Communication System

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    (Tactical Mobile Communication System)

    전술이동통신체계 (TMCS) 제품
    TMCS provides the means for wireless, mobile communications between the subscribers including the commanding officer, staff, etc., who are operating within Command Comm. Post Area.
    VoIP switches(TIPS) and LCTRS are mounted in the system. TMCS subscribers can receive mobile Communication and multi-media services.
  • Low Capacity Trunk
    Radio System

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    (Low Capacity Trunk Radio System)

    소용량무선전송체계 (LCTRS) 제품
    This system is assigned to Comm. Posts operated by units higher than regiment or battalion levels.
    LCTRS provides for wireless trunk links to support communication among Units’ Comm. Posts It is comprised of MLR and SLR, providing 1:1 link or 1:N link. It has the repeater function too.
  • Network Control System

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    (Network Control System)

    망관리체계 (NCS) 제품
    NCS is mounted on 5-ton vehicle, and assigned to Corp or Division-level Comm. Post.
    It manages Corp or Division level integrated networks; handles the operations at Comm. Posts; and performs resource management for TICN.
  • Tactical Internet
    Protocol System

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    (Tactical Internet Protocol System)

    교환접속체계 (TIPS) 제품
    Being mounted on TMCS communication shelter, TIPS provides for voice and video calls and switch functions It supports ALL-IP voice calls and additional services for tactical operations too. Interfaces with other systems like SPIDER, PABX, etc., are also supported.
  • Combat Network
    Radio System

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    (Combat Network Radio System)

    전투무선체계 (CNRS) 제품
    CNRS is combat radio system that supports voice calls and battlefield information data sharing among combatants. Hanwha Systems offers Portable Type II with 2 channels, Vehicle Type II with 3 channels and Helicopter Type for helicopter platform operation.