Special Purpose Radar

Hanwha Systems is offering diverse products applying the optimum radar solutions both in defense/civilian business areas.
The current developments in the pipeline include special purpose radars such as landmine detector, drone surveillance radar, small target radar, etc., for which the most cutting edge technologies are applied.
Also, in order to secure and apply advanced technologies(metamaterial, AI, etc.) to future radars, we are conducting various R&D projects now.

  • Development of drone surveillance
    radar using composite sensors to
    detect metal and non-metal mines
    and small-sized unmanned aircraft
  • Korea’s first AI (machine learning)
    Based radar signal processing research
  • Meta-surface structure research
    to get weapon system antennas
    smaller, lighter and to have


  • Korea Ground
    Surveillance Radar

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    (Korea Ground Surveillance Radar)

    지상 감지레이다(KGSR) 제품
    Installed along the border, this device monitors any ground moves by the adversary forces under all-weather conditions. Performs surveillance of any vehicle or tank moves and individual or group moves. It can be utilized as unmanned surveillance sensor after a certain modification or enhancement.
  • Landmine Detector-II

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    Mine Detector-II

    Mine Detector-II is Korea’s first landmine detector that can detect both metal and non-metal mines by applying GPR(Ground Penetrating Radar) and MD(Metal Detector) dual sensors.
    The technology applied to Mine Detector-II is applicable to wall penetration radar, explosives detector and mine detecting robot, etc.
    With the addition of duel sensors and target recommendation feature, display detection functions have improved. In 2020 Operational Test, Mine Detector-II was evaluated to be adequate for combat purpose to the successful completion of the development.
  • Machine Learning
    Based Target
    Track Radar

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    Machine Learning-based Small-sized Target Radar Search and Track Technology

    머신러닝기반 표적 탐지추적레이다 제품
    Hanwha Systems is developing technology that will drastically improve functions to search and track small-sized targets by applying big-data driven AI algorithms to existing military/commercial radar devices.
  • Meta Surface

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    Multiband Meta Surface Structure Supporting Multi-Functions

    메타표면구조물 개발 제품
    We are developing the antenna which can transform multiple functions such as radar beam steering, polarization twist, beam combining, etc., into electronic controls by utilizing metamaterial structure instead of using RF parts such as phase shifter or attenuator, etc.

    ※ Metamaterial: a composite made up of artificial periodic placement of electrons so that resulting material has properties not found in naturally formed substances.